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@Riot How do I explain this bug?

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Okay, so I played a game of dominion as kogmaw(caterpillar skin) and was doing fairly well. Suddenly, some lag set in around the 15 minute mark. Their lee sin quits, and a minute later, I am disconnected from the game. 5 minutes later, the game reKOGnizes that I have been disconnected and allows me to reconnect. When I get back into the game, my score has gone from like 800 to 1500, and everyone's score is around 1500 too! The lag is no longer there and we are winning by like 300-75 points on our nexuses. The game ends(we win), and at the end game lobby, my score reverts to around 900, and everyone elses scores go down to similar levels. Im not sure what happened because I only have lag in dominion when I play kogmaw, but I really like playing him there. Also, this bug was a first for me. My computer is relatively new and my connection is always top notch. Please try to figure out what is wrong and fix it!
Thank you, Riot!

Avid kogmaw and taric player