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What happens next?

[NMR] Retreat and regroup back at the Black Keep. Morello will surely find his own way out. 5 4.24%
[NMR] Send word to Zileas to send more troops. TNM must fall! 21 17.8%
[NMR] Surrender! All hope is lost... 21 17.8%
[IsC] Flush Morello out. We must save Lady Nikasaur! 59 50%
[IsC] Keep a small force stationed to make sure Morello doesn't escape. Move on the Black Keep! 20 16.95%
[IsC] Surrender! Morello is too strong... 11 9.32%
[Legion of n00b] Continue to pester Sagarys while he ignores us. 20 16.95%
[The Knights Who Drink Tea] Drink Tea! ... Over the corpses of the NMR... 27 22.88%
[The Knights who Drink Tea] Drink Tea! ... Without the blood. 15 12.71%
[The Anti-Fun Agenda] Creep on Leona. 40 33.9%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters 118 .

[Community Event] The Riot War - Chapter 4 - Blood for Blood

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((You're going to go to head to the ongoing battle too, aren't you?))

((Try to make me believe that you can't wait too

But I can't just ZOMGBREAKTIMELINETELEPORT there. So il let some time pass, then il post the message that pretty much everyone saw at chapter 3, into 2 pieces. Don't worry, you'll have your own share of action in due time. Once the TNM fight is over, if we don't get thrown into an other event that we have to rush too, I have plans for you that doesn't involve waiting on me also ))

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(Killing an assload of minions does not count as important? What about "Invading" the Imperium?)))I

[[Well, considering others were busy teleporting directly into Morello's face, destroying the Nyans, facing down inter-dimensional Travelers with two combat avatars at the ready, and you yourself were right in front of both Phreak and IronStylus moving an entire room to tears, I wouldn't consider myself that important. Good side-story? Yes. Truly important? Not until I get to TNM.]]

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Zerymanthius, the Merc?

Standing near the room where Reich was being held, he cursed under his breath. There were guards of course. So he couldn't really do anything while they were present. Perhaps he could trick them into letting himself guard the Soulreaver....

Shaking his head, he realized that even if he did perform his duty, he'd most likely be unable to escape with his life intact. He even suspected that if anyone tried to harm the creature, it would surely react. It wasn't as defenseless as it seemed laying there.

Placing the staff on his shoulder, Zerymanthius would begin to whistle and walk away. He'd get his chance in time. He just hoped that it was soon enough.

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The king had insisted that he be on the Albion when it made its maiden voyage to the Nikasaur Manifest, and to the battle that was already underway. Flamell had learned by now there was no use in arguing with him he was going on way or another. It would seem that the time for his diplomatic skills had come to an end. He would soon be joining the battle.

Upon arriving Flamell was greeted by the smell of blood, a smell he was quite familiar with. There was dead bodies strewn about, NMR and IsC, alike. As he was scanning the battlefield he noticed a monstrous creature in the midst of the NMR troops. "Baron Nashor" Flamell thought to himself. He thought that it was only a legend, but here it was in the living flesh. It would serve as a problem if not dealt with quickly.

Flamell and Baneson where of little use standing up on the Albion. Unlike the Brotherhood however they did not have parachutes. Suddenly he heard a shriek coming from the starboard side of the Albion. In the distance he could see the shapes of hundreds of drakes flying toward them, no doubt more NMR reinforcements. Suddenly a thought came to him. "I think I found our way down." Flamell smiled and looked over to Baneson.

"Baneson I have an idea but its a little crazy." Flamell said smiling sure that Baneson would go with it.

Flamell waited till the drakes were upon the Albion before running and jumping of the ship. "Look after the king Baron." Flamell shouted as he jumped off. Flamell was in free fall for a good 5 seconds before finding his target. Dropping directly onto the back of one of the drakes, Flamell stabbed the thing in the back of the neck as the beast thrashed about trying to shake him off.

On the back of the drake, and now falling, Flamell spotted his next target another drake flying in to attack ground troops. Leaping from the drake he was on Flamell landed onto his new prey stabbing it repeatedly in the back and along its neck. Flamell was close to his ultimate target as the drake flew over Baron Nashor.

"Here goes nothing." Flamell thought to himself as he jumped from the back of the drake and began to free fall towards Baron Nashor. Flamell wasn't worried about Nashor noticing him, nothing as big as that feared anything would attack it from above. Flamell readied his dagger and plunged it into the back of Nashor's head. The beast shrieked out in rage as Flamell continued to stab it as fast as he could. Nashor then began to thrash violently and Flamell lost grip of his dagger and was sent flying towards where the IsC were fighting the front line of minions.

Flamell hit the ground with great force taking out a couple of unfortunate minions who happened to soften his fall. Flamell picked himself of the ground rattled and bruised, but still in one piece. "Well that could have went a lot better." He thought to himself as he was being surrounded by minions. "Well" he thought "At least I am on the ground now." as he pulled out his spare daggers.

(Baneson if you decide not to go with me I will edit my post accordingly.)

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Character Profile:

Name: Mipesuves
Age: Unknown, stopped aging at 18.
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 120-140lbs, changes monthly
Race: Human
Class: Light’s Assassin
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Faction: FreeLancer, IronSolari Aligned
Rank: Squad leader (IsC), High Commander (FL).
Allies: The IsC and Ulciscendi

Appearance - Quite Pale with Brown hair that is well beyond 8 inches. Eyes are between Dark Green and Dark Brown, making them hard to tell which color his really are at a distance. Leather Armor with Iron Armor around it, covered by a white robe and white hawk hood.


Strength – 5 Human form, 9 Dragon form
Intelligence – 7 Human form, 7 Dragon form
Battle Skill – 6 Human form, 7 Dragon form
Magical Aptitude – 8 Human form, 10 Dragon form
Dexterity – 9 Human form, 2 Dragon form
Stamina – 5 Human form, 9 Dragon form
Constitution – 5 Physical, 10 Magical; Human form. 8 Physical, 10 Magical; Dragon form.
Resilience – 7 Physical, 9 Magical; Human form. 9 Physical, 10 Magical; Dragon form.
Wisdom – 6 Human forms, 7 Dragon form
Charisma – 6 Human form, 2 Dragon form

Summon: Calibur of the soul (A sword of light).

Power Surge: Boosting the strength of his men and himself.

Transform: Turns into a white dragon with blue eyes.

Light burst: Making any weapon have light magical properties, making the weapon stronger.

Personality / History – A kind hearted warrior the sees what is fit for all, even if it’s war or it’s peace. He was born near Mount Leona, and was trained under Leona herself when he was young. He lives on the island just north of the Confederacy of the Armored Bear.

Advantages – Being trained by Leona, able to cast powerful light based magic, is silent and hard to track.
Weakness(es) – Any weapon with Dark magic affecting it.
Can’t Live Without – His Lancer Rifle, and Vanysh.
Really Likes – Fairness.
Likes – The Light.
Dislikes – Unevenness, people who want to hurt him and/or anyone he likes.
Really Dislikes – N/A
Can’t ****ing Stand – Morello (NMST), Trolls, anything evil.

Favorite Quotes –“The world will be better without you” - Ezio, “The Dark should fear me” - Vayne, “I tried to warn you” – Ezio, and “Stand and fight” - Leona.

Achievements –
Incapability’s:Being unable to do jokes O_o Or take them.

((I need to talk to Ulcisendi before I can release my part of the Story))

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Badass drake jumping action

(((Your Jumping onto Baron Nashor reminds me of Riordan from Dragon age's jump onto the archdemon except you don't die)))

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(((Your Jumping onto Baron Nashor reminds me of Riordan from Dragon age's jump onto the archdemon except you don't die)))

(Your right lol I didn't think about that XD)

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Bearatrooper Soupcup - Leader of the Brotherhood of the Armored Bear.

Bearatrooper Soupcup had been sitting next to his Bear Ops brothers on the IsC Albion's lower deck. The long bench that aligned its walls were suprisingly comfortable, and the wooden floors were lit up beautifully by the lights spaced in the center of the room. Soupcup looked to his right to see the Bear Ops commander, Darren, talking about a plan. They were meant to go straight in to the fight, while Soupcup was meant to meet up with Valkyrie Lead, the Grand Marshall.

The men were outfitted nicely with their P.E.N.I.S.es and their new gauntlets, which were given by Baron. They wore armor of a dark onyx-like color, which was lighter than steel, yet much stronger at the same time. On everyone's chest bore the crest of the Brotherhood.

Soon after observing the men, Darren came over and said,

"Sir, the men are informed of their roles in this battle. Just thought I'd let you know."

"Very good, Darren. We're close. I can feel it."

"So can I. I hope things are going well for the Solari."

Soupcup simply nodded as Darren slugged off back to his empty seat. Soupcup looked to his left, and noticed Sleiphner, who then shared his Tea of War Times and No Talking with him, and then said,

"Would you like some too, Sir Chompsalot?"

The flying shark simply made a kissy face and started to gnaw on Soupcup's armor. Soupcup pulled his arm away, and Sleiphner continued,

"No no, Sir Chompsalot."

Suddenly, the entire ship shook wildly for but a moment. Then Soupcup snarled,

"Ugh, you'd think this ship would stay more stable."

Soon after, a voice boomed over the intercom,

“All hands, battle stations! We give no quarter! Soupcup, prepare to deploy alongside the other bearatroopers! We’re putting you down alongside Valk and the main battle line! Red Squadron, prepare your fighters for launch, and standby!”

"Baron." Soupcup said smiling.

"Alright men!" Soupcup's voice boomed throughout the cabin, "You heard the man! Get ready to jump!"

All of the Bear Ops scrambled to the back hangar door, as Baron's voice yet again came up over the intercom.

"Everyone! Be careful out there! I can see what looks to be many drakes flying throughout the battlefield..."

The room filled with a clamor of gasps as Baron said that. Soupcup's face showed shock itself. "Drakes? Morello..." He thought to himself as he gripped the handle where he stood even harder.

"Bear Ops!" Soupcup's voice outdid those of the men. "We can do this! We're prepared! This is where we fight! THIS IS WHERE THEY DIE!" Soupcup shouted as his men cheered along with him.

The back hangar opened as they were flying, seeing many men, minion and man alike, fighting recklessly. As well as a few drakes flying below. Soupcup looked towards Sleiphner and nodded. Sleiphner took a drink of his tea, which was somehow staying perfectly still despite the hard wind pulling.

Soupcup then signaled the Bear Ops to jump. which they single-filedly ran out the back, opening their chutes as they fell. Sleiphner flew off on Sir Chompsalot. Soon after, Soupcup jumped himself.

"Good luck!"

Soupcup heard as he jumped. "Thanks, Baron." He thought. As he was falling through the air, he grouped up with two other bears who had not yet opened their chutes. They started to notice a drake flying near, and Soupcup comanded,

"Ready your weapons! Aim for that drake!"

Soupcup and the two bears closed their arms and pointed dead ahead at the drake. As they neared it, they opened up their body, and their gauntlets started to glow. "The power of magic." Soupcup thought to himself. One of the bears hooked himself straight on the back of the drake with his claws as the other bear grabbed the tail. The drake slowed and flailed relentlessly from the pain shooting through its back, as Soupcup neared. As he came closer, he raised his right claw, and when he reached the drake, hepositioned himself to fall just barely in front of it. As he did, his claw met the drakes neck; and due to the pull of the drake, continued to drag the claw to slit its throat. The drake snarled and growled as it started to fall. Soupcup nodded at the other bears as they all jumped off in different directions.

The two bears had opened their chutes, while Soupcup targeted his next victim. It appeared that it noticed him, too. The drake gathered another, and they both started to fly upward towards Soupcup. As the front drake came close to Soupcup, he turned upright to latch his claw on the chest of the drake. His claw pierced deep, and due to the force of the fall dragged down through the body as he continued to the later drake. He turned downwards to speed towards the other drake. Soupcup's face showed pure determination at this point, along with anger. He missed the fighting.

As the drake grew near, Soupcup raised his right claw, and slashed downwards, slicing the drake's face. The drake flailed its head as Soupcup then latched onto its chest with his left claw, and due to the forces and how he was positioned, dragged diagonally across its chest and onto its back. Soupcup then latched his right claw onto the drake's back and continued downward, readying his left claw. As he approached the tail, he cut it clean off and continued downward.

Time seemed to move much more slowly, as Soupcup was faced against yet one more drake. This time, as the drake approached Soupcup, he opened his arms and legs to go above the drake as he grabbed onto its neck. He then pulled it to the right with his claw piercing its throat, and directed it downwards, towards an open space next to the lines of the Iron Solari's troops around the minions trying to rush into the large marble building.

The drakes he was riding on was dead as he flew downwards. He started to get close to the ground, so he stood and pushed the drake's body towards an oncoming wave of minions as he jumped and then opened his parachute. He jumped higher into the air and then began to fall to the ground. He landed harder than he wanted to, but it couldn't be helped. He rolled back onto his feet as the Iron Solari troops were highly alarmed by the large, dark armored man next to them who just fell from the sky. They were about to attack him before they saw the crest on his chest. A commander walked up to Soupcup, who was still trying to catch his breath, and said,

"The Brotherhood is here?! This is good news. Where are the rest of your men?"

Breathing a bit heavily, Soupcup replied, "They are out on the field. They are some of my best bears. They traveled to different parts of the battlefield to help out."

"Your bears? You're the Ambearsador?"

Soupcup smiled, "Yes, Commander. But for the sake of this battle, call me 'Bearatrooper Soupcup'."

Soupcup then took a look around. Blood layered the once lush green earth, along with some marble walls cracked to oblivion. Chunks of said walls laced the ground along with bodies of the fallen. He then noticed Morello, in his buffed state, mocking a man.

“Grand Marshall!” Morello shouted. “I hope you brought more men…”

Soupcup quickly looked to the man. "So this is the Grand Mars--" He couldn't complete his thought. The ground started to shake violently as a large creature came out of the ground. Everyone seemed shocked. "Baron Nashor..." Soupcup thought to himself.

"Fall back! Regroup!”

Soupcup's trance ended at that. His eyes shifted towards the Grand Marshall as he started to rally his troops. Soupcup ran with them.

"I need to go speak to the Grand Marshall." He said to himself, as he ran with the troops.

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New Morello Republic inside the Nikasaur Manifest castle.

Having followed his overlord’s progression, Kaiko was impressed with his strength and fighting capabilities. Not once did he consider drawing out his bow to provide support fire.

(This is complete bullsh!t! Why did Msyk even ask me to guard our Lord?!? He’s more than enough capable of taking care of himself!)

He ordered minions of all kind to rush into the newly opened keep, preparing himself to take part of the siege. Letting Morello deal with what was in the throne room, he immediately searched for a tower, climbing what seemed to be countless stairs before arriving at an outside area. From his raised point of view, he could see the hell that the battlefield was into: Iron Solari troops gathered everywhere within town, Baron Nashor himself ravaging many of them, Ebonmaw and it’s breathen charging the sky, and an unknown flying battleship raining carnage into the army of minions guarding the entrances of the castle.

(Time to show these bast****s who’s in charge. Strendïel!).

On those words, a peculiar blade-bow appeared into Kaiko’s hand. The string was made of arcane energy, and conjured arrows as it was stretched. With his weapon of choice at hand, Kaiko started his rampage, picking off any available Solari knights that he could. His aim recovering from the lack of battle he suffered in the last month made him maliciously grin. Killing was a fun past-time in Kaiko’s perspective.


Character Profile:

Name: Kaiko Snozy
Age: Late twenties or early thirties, born exactly three months after Msyk.
Gender: Male
Height: 5”8’
Weight: ~165 lbs.
Race: Human
Class: Archer.
Alignment: Chaotic neutral (Free Spirit)
Faction: New Morello Republic
Position: 2nd in command.
Allies: Mercenaries, his companions.

Appearance & Equipment: Kaiko is frail looking, mainly because he is. Brown eyes, black short hair. Wears leather armor from neck to toe, excluding metal wristbands. Nothing of this is visible if he wears his large dark green cult-like robe, as those clothing are floaty and used to hide most physical traits. The said robe has a hood (it will be specified what he is wearing during RP.). Kaiko has a special pair of glasses that amplifies his vision beyond regular range, and the right lens has a reticule carved in it, which he is more than accustomed to use. He also has a glaive attached to his left leg, but he is almost never seen using it. Should you ever face him while he’s using it, it’s because he is considering you a joke at fighting. A dark red longbow can almost always been seen overlapping his right shoulder, all the way down to his left hip, with the appropriate quiver on his left shoulder, which would see use in long range sniping. On his right leg is attached his modified, smaller version of the R-F25 developed by BaronVonWalrus a long time ago, which is a compact crossbow used for closer range confrontations. A small pouch with quarrels can be seen on his belt. Never seen on him unless it’s being used, Kaiko can conjure Strendïel, a blade bow that is magically enchanted to create arcanic arrows as the string is being pulled. The blade bow can also be sundered into two pieces, the string magically disappearing, and both parts can be used as curved blades.

Attributes: (I’ve readjusted some stats on Kaiko since the last sheet)

Strength: 6
Intelligence: 9
Battle Skill: 10
Magical Aptitude: 1 (is 0 allowed?)
Dexterity: 8
Stamina: 7
Constitution: 4
Resilience: 4
Wisdom: 8
Charisma: 2

Powers/Abilities: Not everything has been seen of Kaiko yet. He knows no spells, but a decent array of abilities.
-Barrage fire (passive): Due to his immense focus and pratice, the character is capable of very rapidly firing ranged weapons, sometimes before the first projectile reaches it's target.
-Double Shot (Ability, Bow): Stretching two arrows at once, the caster can fire two arrows or bolts at the same location.
-Flèche de Force (Ability, Bow, Signature move): Focusing all the strength of a magical bow into a single arrow, the user can shoot a swift explosive arrow that gains strength and size proportionaly to the distance it travels. {yes this may look a lot like ECA}

Personality / History: Kaiko left his village of the Imperium in his late teenage, leaving his family and little brother behind. He wanted to live his life the way he wanted: always to the limit. He didn’t get any formations from the Imperium to deal tons of damage, so his potential is yet fulfilled. He travelled far and wide, meeting multiple types of people in his adventures. One of his favorite activities was a test of wits through many types of board games at inns. In the area that he was travelling on the eastern continent, people started to whisper his name as an unbeatable chess player. Those who opposed him quickly saw that he was also a very solid archer and a not too shabby fencer, but he had a short fused. That all changed one day, when two travelers entered his favorite inn, the Prancing Pwny, specifically to challenge him. This chess contest was one of the tightest even witnessed by the people in the area, neither side losing any pieces, and both sides shutting down all doors at potential traps. The owner even decided to stay open much later than usual, since both of those man’s contest had drawn to her more customers. As the dawn was rising, both players were still on even fields, the none-playing traveler was sleeping at one of the tables, and both players were still at it, when Kaiko lost his temper. He was about to challenge his opponent to a more hardcore game, when they all realised that their belongings had been stolen by local bandits during their battle of wits. Settling on a truce, Kaiko began what was only the beginning of a new adventure with his two companions.

Advantages: When out of reach of an opponent.
Weakness: Easily emotional (read: rages a lot), very frail character all around.
Likes: Tactical warfare, tactical board games, killing & fighting, woman
Dislikes: (currently) IsC, (always had) people telling him to calm down.
Can’t ****ing Stand: Being left aside.

Favorite Quotes: “Let your rage consume you, empower you.” – Rage God Guinsoo (not the actual Guinsoo)

Soul Blazer: Defeat a Soulreaver.

((NMR’s human troops, Mercs & pirates will arrive soon.))

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[[I did this late. T_T Lol. Oh well, here it is!;D]]

Character Profile:

Name: Soupcup
Age: 42 (Brotherhood members age differently: As discussed with many others, it was decided that the Brotherhood lives twice as long as normal humans. And with that, their look ages slower as well. Basically I'm wisened by the years but look young-ish. Neat! I mentioned this in my last profile, just thought I'd throw it in this one too.)
Gender: Male.
Height: 7'3. Much taller as a bear.
Weight: 293 pounds. Much more as a bear.
Race: Human, can become a bear.
Class: ????? Don't know what I'd put here.
Alignment – Neutral Good.
Faction: Brotherhood of the Armored Bear.
Rank: Leader of the Brotherhood of the Armored Bear, Ambearsador.
Allies: Conclave of the Iron Solari, Nyandalegion, Imperium(?).

Appearance - Tall human. Somewhat tanned, gold eyes with black somewhat-long hair with a thick-bristled beard. At the Brotherhood, he is usually seen wearing a black robe with white lining, including the Brotherhood emblem on its chest. In battle, however, he wears lighter than steel, but stronger armor with the ability to expand when he turns into a bear. Also has the emblem. I'll probably update this more once I think of more stuff.


Strength – 10
Intelligence – 7
Battle Skill – 10
Magical Aptitude – 3
Dexterity – 8
Stamina – 9
Constitution – 9.
Resilience – 7
Wisdom – 7
Charisma – 8, 6 towards women. ;(

Powers/Abilties – Soupcup has the ability to turn in to a bear from his human form. As a human, he has highly increased strength, and speed to match. As a bear, his strength even further increases, due to him getting bulkier and such, but reduces his speed by a little bit. He also has regeneration, he can seal wounds over time and such, but not completely heal himself so it's like he was never hurt.

Personality / History – A somewhat young bear compared to others, displayed good strength, due to his natural abilities, early on and later became the leader of the Bear Ops, an elite unit of the Brotherhood. After Volibar left on his pilgrimage, he was left in charge and still remains today.

Advantages – Very big, fast, and perceptive about his surroundings.
Weakness(es) – Honestly, not sure. Will update if something comes to my mind. :L
Can’t Live Without – Tea.
Really Likes – Tea, Sleiphner, partially laden European swallows, flying sharks, partially laden messenger salmon.
Likes – See above.
Dislikes – Zileas. Spilling his tea.
Really Dislikes – Zileas, Zileas, Zileas, Zileas, when people break his **** windows, Zileas.
Can’t ****ing Stand – See above.

Favorite Quotes – N/A currently.

Achievements –
Boss Man - Become the leader of your faction.
Puns: Bears - Use "Bear(s)" as a pun in your title. "Ambearsador."
Puns puns puns, and, oh yeah, PUNS! - Use a pun in 10 or more posts. (Ambearsador) ;D
Useless Knight - Make a bored Advisor known as Andersworth get you tea.
Master Salmoner - Effectively make and send a partially laden messenger salmon.
Master Swallower - Effective make and send a partially laden European swallow. (Thought it was something narsty, right?;P)
Bros! - Become allied with another faction - IsC
Trio! - Become allied with two other factions - IsC, Nyandalegion.
Bear Ops - Be a veteran member, or current member, of the Bear Ops elite unit.
TNM Supporter - Join the battle at Nikapolis.
Drake Slaughter - Kill multiple drakes.
Bearatrooper - As a member of the Brotherhood of the Armored Bear, paradrop down to victory!