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What happens next?

[NMR] Retreat and regroup back at the Black Keep. Morello will surely find his own way out. 5 4.24%
[NMR] Send word to Zileas to send more troops. TNM must fall! 21 17.8%
[NMR] Surrender! All hope is lost... 21 17.8%
[IsC] Flush Morello out. We must save Lady Nikasaur! 59 50%
[IsC] Keep a small force stationed to make sure Morello doesn't escape. Move on the Black Keep! 20 16.95%
[IsC] Surrender! Morello is too strong... 11 9.32%
[Legion of n00b] Continue to pester Sagarys while he ignores us. 20 16.95%
[The Knights Who Drink Tea] Drink Tea! ... Over the corpses of the NMR... 27 22.88%
[The Knights who Drink Tea] Drink Tea! ... Without the blood. 15 12.71%
[The Anti-Fun Agenda] Creep on Leona. 40 33.9%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters 118 .

[Community Event] The Riot War - Chapter 4 - Blood for Blood

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Soulreaver's True Form

Soupcup met a problem of his own as he was flying through the air. The gash on the Soulreaver's neck was rapidly approaching, his destination was almost certainly absolute. Unfortunantely as he flew through the air nearing the gash in the Soulreavers neck, the wound itself would shift and transform into a second pair of jaws which widened and waited for his arrival. The mouth was much smaller then the main one, and might not kill him outright, but if it managed to catch him inside of it, it's grip would surely begin to crush him slowly. His armor and thick hide would be his best hope for resisting the multiple sharp teeth that were on display.

Now it seemed that this new ability the Soulreaver had attained allowed it to quickly adapt to attacks in a gruesome way. This was making it increasingly dangerous to be near the creature now. Even Night and her companions on the beast suddenly had to deal with various small, but deadly none-the-less, appendages that sprouted directly from the creature itself.

Perhaps it would be best while the Albion loaded it's remaining munitions for the others to pull back... if they could.

_██ _
(ಠ_&#3139 Sleiphner bore witness to the movements of Soupcup and he's combined strength but a reflexive caught his sight--the creature wasn't reeling back from pain, nay, it was regenerating in more terrifying ways than before. This creature--this beast--this thing must not even have achieved its own perfection yet. Sleiphner saw that Soupcup wasn't going into a well planned attack that they, in their bromantic ways had devised in mere milliseconds. No, he was sending Soupcup to his death!

Sleiphner did the only thing he could think of, fueled by his memories of the past, of how he let a friend die back then. He tugged on the strings which he gave to Soupcup, but they only sent his body flailing through the unbalanced motions. His only other reaction was his most dire. He had to pull himself, meet the beast's attack in place of Soupcup. He gave a pull, push forward and leap at Soupcup, hurtling through the air towards him.

In a split second, it seemed to happen--

_██ _
(ಠ_&#3139"Sou--" was all Sleiphner managed to get out in that split second.

_██ _
(ಠ_&#3139Sleiphner made contact with the strong body of Soupcup, momentum working against him. He was able to stop his friend from being sacrificed to this great maw for his own folly, but at what cost? As though in slow motion, Sleiphner's body dislodged itself from Soupcup, Sleiphner's turning so that his right side was facing the new mouth that had just formed, but it was too late. The jaws clamped onto his arm, up to the shoulder. Sleiphner could feel each tooth, and the mass of ooze as it punctured and spewed inside of him, becoming almost necrotic. He tried to let out a scream, but his tongue just ceased, he couldn't make any noise. It was as though his entire body went numb in that split second of pain.

The teeth gnashed and grind on the wound, entirely dismembering Sleiphner's arm from the rest of his body, leaving it in tatters up to the shoulder--a stub. Sleiphner somehow barely wrestled himself free of the beast, but had no further energy to make movements, or reflexes that could stop him from impacting the ground heavily and fast.

It was at this moment, during the free fall that the rest of the beast's movements had finally caught up with time itself, as another appendage shot out past Sleiphner. It appeared as though this creature was able to generate limbs at will. Sleiphner's vision was coming in and out, as everything had just slowed down until one of the newly sprouted appendages struck him across his leg, shattering the bone instantly, twisting it out of shape and ripping the socket of the knee, and ragdolling Sleiphner. Suddenly, his vertical momentum was replaced by a horizontal as he was slammed into a hard dirt surface of a hill, making impact hard enough so that he coughed blood. His body was in tatters, he had lost an arm, and nearly lost a leg in the same instant.

He was losing consciousness in his own blood, with his leg now twisted out to the right left side, only able to voice a single, stand alone word as his vision faded:

"Se--bas--tian. I--I'm so---r--"

With this, Sleiphner's head fell to the right side. He couldn't must further strength. He felt weak. Was he to die here?

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Phalonax 'Phalon' Valeion, Vladimist Blood Reaper and Iron Solari...-facekeyboard-...

And I thought minions were annoying...

More spawn began to close in on Phalon. Even though they couldn't regenerate like Phalon had expected, they were still a challenge.
What was worse was that they kept coming. They had eventually trapped and started surrouning her.
While the empowered extension proved to be most effective solution as opposed to the regular extension, Phalon was starting to weaken from blood loss.

They've forced me to do this, I'll give them that much. But I don't know how much longer I can keep this up. I need to get more blood soon, but who knows what the blood of these monsters will do to me?

Seeing no other solution, she rushed in, stabbed one of the monsters and dashed both of them away from the hoard into a wall. The creature strugged, swinging it's arms and tendrils, but eventually fell limp as it's black blood flew out of it's body and into Phalon's open skin.
For a few seconds it was going fine, but then she felt a sharp pain run through her body, letting out a pained scream and struggling to pull the weapon out of the lifeless creature.
When the weapon was out, Phalon fell back, the pain slowly subsiding and the blood that was making it's way towards her splattering on the ground. She slowly got back up, breathing heavily with her weapon in hand and still dripping in blood.

W-what was in that creature's blood? Or does my body reject blood from otherworldy beings? ****it, what happened?!?

She turned around and saw a hoard closing in. The draining from the monster had given back some life, but it might not have been enough for her.

I can't die here...not like this...
"Snap out of it!"
"You lost a few pints of blood and now you're going to give up now? How pathetic. And I thought you were a real blood reaper."

Phalon straightened herself and smirked, then chuckled after hearing the statement in her head.

Whoever said I was going to give up?
"So you're still trying to stand, even after being cut down like this? Don't you know your limits?"
When have I ever stopped at limits?

As the hoard got closer, Phalon held out the arm holding the extended dagger. Once again, she took the tip of the other metal claw and scratched the forearm just a little bit away from the first cut. She let the other arm down, the blood once again making it's way to her weapon.
Once the blade started glowing again, she rushed forward, slicing up any monster unfortunate enough to get in the way.
The hoard then became decimated after another one of them tried to attack.

Happy now?
"At least you're not dead...yet."

Phalon looked at the towering monstrosity that was causing all of the events to unfold. She then saw soldiers running away in retreat, their courage to fight lost.
She remained there, thinking of what to do next.

[[I was kinda short on ideas here, but I wanted to get something out. Maybe I'll switch it up and make an Evarok post...
I kinda want to do something here, but it looks like we're getting to the point where the gunship opens.fire and I'll be dead if I don't get the blood-soaked hell out.]]

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Zerymanthius, the Source Hunter

He'd dived into the black flames without hesitation. Instead of being incinerated, a very dim glow surrounded Zerymanthius, preserving his life. Quickly he worked on the last part of the spell. It was almost complete. They were almost out of time. The Soulreaver was quickly learning that it had far from normal abilities at it's disposal since it had matured. In all honesty, it was still a newborn learning how to crawl. He didn't want it to learn how to walk, and then run. He would have to depend on whatever plan the others had to stall it. He knew many were falling back. Perhaps because of the fleet in the sky he had noticed. Surely they had some weapon they were prepared to unleash.

Yet he would remain. This was his duty.

Ulciscendi, screw titles for now

After destroying the intercepting spawns, Ulciscendi finally began to come to his senses. The man he'd been helping sprinted directly into the flames, and began to set up underneath the beast. Ulciscendi turned away. If the man wanted to do that, he was welcome, but judging from the incoming airship, there wasn't going to be much left of this area soon. He glanced around. There were people fighting everywhere, including...that blood reaper. The one that had killed him. Maybe 'killed' was the wrong term. But it didn't matter. In fact, right now he felt like he owed her a warm thanks, if they both survived. He turned away, looking for someone to help. As he scanned, his eyes lighted on the man and woman from earlier. Now that Ulciscendi's head was more clear, he noticed that the man wore an extremely decorated set of armor, probably someone of importance. The woman continued to blast the Reaver, oblivious to the battle around her. He sprinted toward them. Maybe he could help, because they were certainly exposed with most of the IsC and NMR troops battling the colossus.

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((K, it's time for us to gtfo))

Knight of Spades: Warrior of the Brotherhood
A mechanical BIRD began wheeling overhead, blaring out the voice of BaronVonWalrus.

"The Albion is preparing to drop ordinance on the Soulreaver. All units fall back, I repeat, all units fall back."

"Looks like our time is up," Spades said, "We need to get out of here, and fast."

He dropped to all fours and looked to T Virus and Phalon.

"Get on if you want to live."

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Wolfie Night

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Night quickly retreated from the wounded eye, black liquid oozing out from the wound. Already appendages were sprouting out from the beast and attempting to attack Night. Night dodged as best as she could. She was just keeping up with dodging; if the appendages grew any faster she would be done for. Looking downwards, she saw a host of others attacking the beast. One man was gashing open the throat, Caine was wreaking havoc on the little beasts while Ynaht looked to be unconscious. Black flames were also creeping up the beast.

Night thought there was actually hope, until the beast’s form started to shift. The gash on the neck transformed into another set of jaws. Yet another set of jaws lashed out trying to grab a different man. Suddenly a giant scythe like appendage sprouted out from the creature’s side aimed for two men, one of which seemed to be on fire with black flames. With horror, Night saw a flying man headed right for the newly formed jaws on the neck. She watched as another man came out of the blue and pushed the first man out of the way, taking his place in the jaws. The jaws closed onto the man’s arm, dismembering him. As the man fell from the jaws and out of Night’s view, she howled in anguish to the sky. So…just so much death. The man’s selfless sacrifice was noble but so horrible.

Whyyyyyy??? Lunaaa whyyyy?

It seemed then, that Goddess Luna heard the howl of one werewolf, for in that moment, the sunlight started to wane. An eclipse of the sun had begun.

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Wolfie Night

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Location: Far above the battle

Under and Dulst watched the battle unfold beneath them. They were looking for Night, the Clan, and Soupcup but with all of the chaos it wasn’t going well. Dulst could detect where any of them were, there were way too many scents masking Night’s and the Clan’s scent, and they were too high up to really get a whiff anyway. They had flown around the battle field more than a few times but still couldn’t find anyone. There were more than a few figures assaulting that horrific thing. Under desperately wanted to join the battle. Dulst desperately wanted to find his Clan first.
At that moment, a howl split the air. Dulst’s heart leaped, it was Alpha Night! She was on that thing’s head! Quickly, Under and Dulst turned around and started to swing downwards towards the monster’s head.

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[[Whoops, last post got ganked by incoming information.]]


Even as he began to run, Ulciscendi saw the massive airship in the sky coming in for what was clearly going to be a bombing run. He figured the man he had planned to help knew this, and he could take care of the woman, who was still casting spells at a furious rate.

As he turned to look for anyone still in need of help, he saw the blood reaper, another man, and an Armored Bear preparing to abandon the field, the massive golems showing no signs of stopping their assault...

and someone who looked suspiciously like a Knight Who Drinks Tea, slamming into a doomed Armored Bear mid-air, and then brutally crashing to the earth from the Reaver's side.

Ulciscendi winced. He could feel the man's life seeping away, even from this distance in such a hectic battle. He gathered the energy he'd pent up, and launched himself toward the dying man. No heroes dying on my watch.

[[Sorry about your heroic sacrifice Sleiphner, but your posts bring me far too much joy to let you die just yet ]]

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[[edit: post ignored]]

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Character Profile:

Name: Kelso Irongrinder
Age: 267
Gender: Male
Height: 6”11’
Weight: 200-600 lbs. (Depends on equipment)
Race: Golem/Construct
Class: Tactician, Artificer.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Faction: Legion of N00b
Position: Battle Advisor
Allies: The Legion of N00b, his creations.

Appearance & Equipment: Tall, heavyset, with gray metallic skin that looks as though it once gleamed brightly. Robotic in origin, so no hair. Usually dressed in long, black robes with a dark blue Mirrodin Besieged symbol embroidered into the center. Wears heavy leather boots. Carries a series of welders strapped to one side at all times, and a variety of golem hearts to the other. Wears a single goggle over one eye, with sapphire replacing the more common glass. Hands are often switched out for a variety of weapons, including a flamethrower, a Taser-blaster, a size-changing wrench, a heavy arc-welder, a cone of cold, an energy shield, or (his usual) large Command Gauntlet (almost always visible on his right hand). The Command Gauntlet is approximately 1.5 times larger than his standard hand size, and is covered with various buttons that allow Kelso to control his various constructs or communicate with his allies. In times of emergency, it makes for a powerful bludgeon at close range. Kelso cannot change his equipment on-the-fly or in the field, and must be given time and workspace to alter his weapons.

Attributes (some attributes are + or -, view skills)

Strength: 6 (+2 with the Command Gauntlet)
Intelligence: 10
Battle Skill: 6
Magical Aptitude: 3
Dexterity: 4
Stamina: 10
Constitution: 10
Resilience: 7
Wisdom: 9
Charisma: 3


-Analytical Eye (Passive): Kelso’s goggle-eye will periodically display information about an area or enemy, such as weak spots, weapons, or targets.

-Heavy Industry (Ability, Equipment): Overclocks current equipment, causing additional effects depending on its use. Examples: Flamethrower launches a magma ball, Energy Shield surrounds multiple targets, Command Gauntlet works on enemy and allied mechanical units.

-Living Foundry (Ability, Golem’s Hearts): Tears into any nearby scrap metal and thrusts a golem’s heart into it, giving it brief animation and strength depending on the amount of metal at hand.

-Sparkhammers (Ability, Welders): Chooses an area before overloading a welder and hurling it in that direction. Once the device reaches its destination, it coats allies and enemies alike in oil before igniting them.

-March of the Machines (Ability, Command Gauntlet): Summons various creations to aid. Examples include protective drones and his mobile floating platform.

Personality / History: Forged on the plane of Mirrodin, Kelso’s duty was to observe, learn, and create. A mistaken warp rift in an experiment brought him into the Riot Wars, where he served briefly under the Iron Solari, creating for them his pride and joy: the Iron Solari Storm Crows, deadly constructs capable of performing covert operations as well as serving in direct combat. Soon growing dissatisfied with the Iron Solari’s limited mindset of construction, Kelso left to join the Legion of N00b, where he quickly rose through the ranks to Battle Advisor. He also serves as the Ambassador to the Iron Solari, taking advantage of his former ties to the faction. As an opponent, he is coldhearted, ruthless, and dangerously close to uncaring of the condition of a living body. As a friend, he isn’t all that different.

Advantages: Indoors, closed environments, especially factories, foundries, and laboratories. Can be considered deadly on his own if he reaches a workbench with tools. Or just a workbench. Or anything else heavy.
Weakness: Quick, agile opponents, or foes who can escape his personal reach easily.
Likes: Experimentation, tinkering, strategy, creative challenges, learning.
Dislikes: IronStylus, the Iron Solari, limitations, the unknown, and people who copy his designs.
Can’t ****ing Stand: Mentioning reproduction or genitalia.

Favorite Quotes: “All will be reforged in the fires of glory.” –Urabrask the Hidden

Ripples in the RP: Become the most hated person in the RP in the span of a single post.
Warped Logic: Blot out someone else's reality and substitute your own.

((Do I wait to be accepted, or should I just start RPing?))

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New Morello Republic Msyk, Xandar, Kaiko

Msyk kept his relentless assault onto the Soulreaver when he heard, or felt, a buzz high in the sky. Looking at the source, he saw the massive flying contruction of the Conclave charging up, probaly unleashing a full loadout very soon. (Time to go.) Did he mentaly say, jumping once again off the massive beast and landing softly with grace. Locating Kaiko high in a tree, he called down onto his subordinate, hoping that they could make it in time.

"Where's Xandar?" asked the commander, genuinely worried about his lifelong collegue.

"Probably still having a field day with the spawnlings. You know how he is with enemy lackeys, thats his bread and butter." And he was right, they did notice the giant claymore still ravaging the ranks of the minireavers. "Hey, Xan, we're moving out!" did Msyk yell, pointing out at the ship's canons, still whirring and buzzing in the air. Simply replying "ok", the younger Republic soldier followed his two companions, trying to gain as much distance as possible. On their way out they noticed a white haired woman lying on the ground, which Msyk took on his shoulder and not even wondering about anything, they took off, getting what will probably be just out of range of the massive barrage of the ship's armament...