What happens next?

[NMR] Retreat and regroup back at the Black Keep. Morello will surely find his own way out. 5 4.24%
[NMR] Send word to Zileas to send more troops. TNM must fall! 21 17.80%
[NMR] Surrender! All hope is lost... 21 17.80%
[IsC] Flush Morello out. We must save Lady Nikasaur! 59 50.00%
[IsC] Keep a small force stationed to make sure Morello doesn't escape. Move on the Black Keep! 20 16.95%
[IsC] Surrender! Morello is too strong... 11 9.32%
[Legion of n00b] Continue to pester Sagarys while he ignores us. 20 16.95%
[The Knights Who Drink Tea] Drink Tea! ... Over the corpses of the NMR... 27 22.88%
[The Knights who Drink Tea] Drink Tea! ... Without the blood. 15 12.71%
[The Anti-Fun Agenda] Creep on Leona. 40 33.90%
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[Community Event] The Riot War - Chapter 4 - Blood for Blood

First Riot Post
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Wolfie Night

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Originally Posted by Ulciscendi View Post
[[Yes, this won't be quite so relaxing then. On the other hand, I've been dying to get a little combat in lately.


Alright, I apologize, that was terrible. But still fun.

Wolfie, could you pass the shrimp? *sips tea*]]
(*grabs a few more then hands bucket over*)