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Let's Talk Taric

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Nice mini guide, Ralk. That helps a lot.

What are your thoughts on going Tear of the Goddess early, in order to make an Archangel's Staff later on? Seems it would help with mana regen & AP, removing the need to have a chalice.

Edit: Or might be nice in conjuncture with a chalice. Would boost your heals/burst damage a bit as well.

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I can't recommend Tear of the Goddess mainly because I don't think Taric should build for AP. His AP ratios are fairly decent, but let's consider his skills. Dazzle is most often used at max range where it does very little damage. Shatter is sometimes not even used to preserve the armor aura. AP only increases the self-heal aspect of the ult which isn't that important. Now, AP does improve his heal, but his heal is great already.

Chalice on the other hand gives Taric great regen for filling up mana after his ult and provides MR. I really like the added MR on Taric because, with shatter adding to his armor, MR is often his weak point. But it's certainly not mandatory; if I have 1925 gold for my first trip back to base, I sometimes skip right to Aegis.

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To be fair, I build Tear early knowing full well I wont get to Archangel's by the end of the game 9 times out of 10. I get it because it's super cheap and it provides more max mana than anything else. Regen is great, but sometimes you just need to keep the ult going a little bit longer.

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Lost Visage

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Here's something I wrote-up from an earlier post. I guess I just can't stand all the poor advice floating around the forums concerning Taric. I should really just make this a guide. What I've written below is based off approximately 300 games with Taric - I've played him heavily both before and after the nerf to his ultimate.

First, Taric is best played as support so you're going down the right path. An AP build is worth considering, but I recommend building for tanking so you hold up in the front lines and can initiate with stun. There are A LOT of bad Taric guides floating around these forums that recommend heavy attack speed to build DPS Taric. Don't listen to those. Now, here's my 2 cents.

0. Setup
Marks: armor pen
Seals: mp regen / 5 (these are just too good to pass up)
Glyphs: mr / level (flat CD is another good choice here)
Quints: flat hp

1 offense (enhanced exhaust)
16 defense (be sure to grab veteran's scars for +60 hp)
13 utility (be sure to get increased exp and mana regen)

Summoner Spells:
I use exhaust and clarity. Exhaust is good for shutting down carries and enabling early kills in the laning phase. Clarity allows you and your partner to spam spells during laning and fills you up after your ult drains you. Other good choices would be cleanse, ghost, or clairvoyance. In general, I don't feel like Taric needs an escape ability since good opponents will not focus you in team fights.

1. Skills
In general, order of priority should be ult > shatter > imbue > dazzle. However, your first skill should almost always be imbue. If you're expecting a level 1 team fight, grab the stun. Usually, my skill progression is as follows:

imbue, shatter, dazzle, shatter, shatter, ult, shatter, imbue, shatter, imbue, etc... maxing dazzle last

You want your heal first to maintain dominance in your lane so you can last hit minions and pressure opponents.

2. Laning
Pressure your opponents whenever possible while last hitting minions. Your heal, even just one level, is very strong so exchanging hits is generally beneficial to you. Once you have all three skills, use stun followed by shatter and an auto-attack as pressure. Your goal is to wear your opponents down over time such that they have to hug the turret or leave the lane. Sometimes you can even get a kill at level 5 once your shatter reaches level 3. As always, if you are totally dominating your lane, stand between the enemy team and the minion waves to prevent them from gaining experience while you and your teammate continue to farm.

Don't be afraid to auto-attack minions when necessary as this reduces your heal cool-down and gives you mana for each hit. Resume last hitting when you and your teammate are full HP with reasonable mana available.

3. Items
Items are always situational and depend on both your team and the enemy team. Here are the most common ways I start with Taric.

meki + sight ward
Start with these if you decide to build chalice and are worried about early game ganks when you push your lane. Note that you have to wait a few seconds after minions spawn to accumulate 5 more gold for the sight ward. Ward the river around levels 2-4 to prevent ganks from Shaco, WW, or another jungler.

meki + 2 heal pots
Start with these if you decide to build chalice and are not worried about early game ganks.

mana manipulator
Only start with mana manipulator if you lane with someone like Zilean who can really take advantage of the additional mana regen.

Starting with doran's ring could definitely work too, but I prefer meki so I can build chalice.

The following is what I consider a default build that works for most situations:
chalice, mercury treads, aegis, sunfire cape
Chalice and mercury treads give you some MR, which is really Taric's weak point since shatter boosts his armor. Chalice gives you quick mana regen if you become drained from your ult. Aegis makes you tanky and boosts your team. Note that games do not always last long enough to finish the sunfire cape.

The following items are worth considering depending on the enemy team and how long the game lasts:
mana manipulator and soul shroud, banshee's veil, stark's fervor, more sunfire capes, and ninja tabi in rare situations

4. Team Fights
I often use my stun as an initiator unless I save it for an interrupt on someone like Katarina or Nunu. Don't forget to activate your ult at the beginning of every encounter. In general, maintain your ult as long as possible without draining your mana completely. You want to save enough mana for a 2nd stun to catch runners.

Use shatter immediately on your team's focus target to hopefully guarantee a kill. If the enemy team is very heavy on physical DPS, you may want to save shatter to maintain the armor buff for you team. Use your heal to save whoever the enemy team is focusing.

Since you've built Taric as a tank, do your best to provide a front line presence to dissuade enemies from moving past you to focus your squishies. Join your DPS in auto-attacking the focus target. Use your judgement to decide when to press forward into the enemy team to attack or when to collapse back on those who are pressing into your team.

5. Laning Partners
Taric is one of the best, if not the best, laning partners in the game. He brings healing, a ranged stun, and some burst damage to the lane which supplements almost any champion. For those reasons, you should lane with whoever on your team needs you the most. Use Taric to help a teammate who is a weak laner. A ranged partner would be preferred but isn't strictly necessary. Normally, you should head to the bottom lane to provide a strong presence near dragon.

With that said, the following are laning partners that I've found particular devastating with Taric, either due to their ability to destroy a tower early or get kills in the lane:
Ashe, Zilean, Janna, Sion, Garen, Ezreal, Annivia
There's certainly many more, but these in particular come to mind at the moment.

There are a few champions that don't work as well with Taric, mainly because Taric doesn't really augment what they bring to the table:
Pirate, Heimer, and Alistar come to mind

Hope that helps.

An excellent guide, but not exactly what I build. Granted, I don't have 200 games with Taric, but I main Taric, and generally I go for a pure support build.


Arp or Mp marks (either one works)
Mana regain/5/level Seals
Cool Down Glyphs
Flat HP quits



I make sure that I get enough masteries in Offense to give me the Improved Ignite (great for early game dominance) and AP/level. I go with 3% CD as well, but the attack speed bonus would work too.

In defense, I max out all damage reductions, get 60 bonus HP, and improved HP regain/maximum mana.

Summoner spells:

I go with Exhaust and Ignite, this allows me to get many early game kills, and even builds well late game to help finish opponents. Exhaust grants me a great 1v1 ability, in case I'm ever soloing a lane against somebody at some point. Other ones that would work are Clarity, Fortify, and Ghost.


Generally, I try to get Shatter first because it grants an aurora to my ally and increases both of our respective healths. Also, I use it early on to push the lane closer to their tower and grant better farming early. My priority is as follows: Radiance > Shatter > Imbue > Dazzle.

I always get Dazzle as my third skill, however, to try and get early kills. I always try to lane with a burst - DPS partner, Shaco, Garen, Kat, and Gangplank are always excellent choices due to Shatter's Armor reduction.


I always get Mana manipulator if my lane partner uses mana, that way we have infinite lane presence. If he doesn't use mana, then I get Meki and 2 HP pots. The HP pots are so that I don't have to use mana to restore my own HP, but an HP pot and mana pot works fine as well.

I always try to build a Chalice and Merc's first for increased survivability and spell casting, it works great with Taric's ultimate as well.

After my initial items, I always work my way on Soul Shroud and Aegis. If 2 or more of my team mates don't use or don't need mana, then I'll build a Nasher's in stead of Soul Shroud. The extra mana regain makes Taric beastly late game, and Aegis goes great with Taric's natural tanky-ness and support utility.

If the game lasts any longer, then I'll try to build the other aura items, Will of the Ancients and Starks. If these are already built by somebody else, or if they won't work well with my Team composition, then I would vary my build on the enemy's team composition, I might build Veil if they have one hit champions (Karthus and Blitzkrank), Frozen Heart if they have a lot of Melee DPS, Guardian Angel for it's stats. and perhaps even Omen because of the armor stacking on Taric.

Game play:

Always initiate with a stun, even if the opponent has cleanse early on, force him to burn his cleanse and hit him with ignite. After he's stunned, run up, use Shatter, and focus fire him with your partner or team. Don't initiate on tanks, always go for the best target first. Because of Taric's utility, you may have to change priorities on a dime. If one of your team mates are being chanced down, you have to decide if Stun or Heal is the better choice, that comes with practice.

Always try to keep your mana up, Taric is built around having mana, it's always important to have 200 or more during team fights for support. If you take Ignite, always hit a prime target with it, you'll get more kills this way with Taric without KSing anybody. And, you become a huge carry later in the game, when Taric starts to naturally shine with his "brilliance".

Try to stay in melee range of enemies to keep your heal on low cool down, many times my lane partner has been forced to low HP and the enemy started chasing him down, I simply just kept hitting them as they chanced my partner. Once my heal was on cool down, I would heal and we would get a double kill.

Don't spam your spells overly much, or you'll be forced to back before you really need to. I've gone to above level 10 without having to back once, play Taric right and you'll be a force to be reckoned with.

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I think I have somewhere around 50 games taric, and am by no means an authority on league of legends, however, I have found taric to be ridiculously successful given a good team.
I normally run clarity and rally with him, first item saphire crystal and then build aegis and boots (either swiftness or merc treads) in order varying from game to game dependent on stuns and such of whoever is being laned against.
For laning, I find it preferable to either be with with a strong laning dps champ, or the solo with a jungler. The reason being in both cases by level 8 or sooner between rally, stun, and lvls to shatter it is fairly simple to start feeding the jungler or carry easy kills. Stun+armor+small burst dmg from both+rally is typically enough to allow a decent dps champ to finish them while still under stun. Heal (imbue) can keep both self and partner/jungler from needing to recall after the kill, allowing to quickly pressure the opponents partner back and deal significant dmg to turret, possibly killing if ulti is leveled, or get another kill.
in both cases I follow the same general leveling sequence of e(stun), q(heal), w(shatter), then leveling q as first priority, shatter as second, ulti as third and further levels on stun as last priority. Ulti can sometimes take priority if team needs your turret down faster, but is typically not otherwise more useful than levels in heal or shatter.

Late game the focus shifts to making sure your team wins team fights. If no better initiator is available, you can take the roll, however I find it works much better to start closely following the initiator keeping them in good condition with heals and auras, hopefully a little with dmg soaking too, and after initial round of abilities and such is thrown, lay down your stun on their carry, shatter his armor, and basically remove him from the fight. then you do what you can to keep your own teams carry alive, jumping in front of shots aimed at them and such and throwing stuns/heals when available to assist.

Rune wise I find attack speed, cooldown reduction, and health work well. cd is cause taric needs it, as cause it greatly synergizes with ult for tower smashing, the mana regen passive, and helps you to greatly reduce heal's cool down.

Summary: early game try to feed carry/jungler
late game, focus team fights....help initiator at first, then focus on help your carry and control theirs.
ALWAYS- Great person for carrying auras- leaving you alive makes everyone else that much stronger, but focusing you allows you to soak up dmg for your team....with strong enough auras just being present in team fights can be a win-win for your team whether you live and get kills or simply get focused and die.

*Many solo queue games hit serious problems using this strat, but that is expected for support character, no?
P.S.- AP should be used to amp up heal more than anything, tarics dmg output comes from rally/as runes/armor pen shatter/ulti....not great on him alone but more than sufficient with one or two other heroes present to cause massive dmg. *often it is necessary to remind mages/casters of your buffs to their autoattack so your team can make full advantage of it. their safety should still be priority, but they can do significant dmg with your buffs to help out greatly with autoattacks if otherwise useless due to mana drain or cooldowns.

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rasha for your soj

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Taric is a champ that benefits the stun-locking or stun-stacking comps. He sets theings up on a tee for your carries to net kills.

Taric makes a team that is winning stronger because he helps push, helps gank with a timely stun, and helps heal etc.

On the flip side Taric is not a good champion to play if your team is losing early on and doesn't have fed carries because he is a support tank that can't deal out much damage unlike some of the others in his general role, AP Sion, AP Nidalee as support or stuns/ and Malphite, Mordekaiser, Amumu, Rammus etc as damage tanks.

His niche used to be his pushing power. I'm not sure anymore.

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Taric is fabulous.

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I just bought Taric couple days ago, and mostly playing him, I raised my elo from 900 to over 1k and going. He works great as a support/tank and is really strong overall especially with the right items-good team composition.

Mind you have only about 60 games played ranked overall.