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{WIP} MASSIVE collection of general tips for any Dominion enthusiast!

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Ill start by saying that I dont intend to show myself as some arrogant guy who think knows them all, because Im not. In fact, even knowing I have played LoL for around a year and a half, I consider myself a bad LoL player in general, I do know a LOT of stuff in theory but when it comes to practice, I can be a really sloppy old guy lol, not to mention I have terrible reflexes!

However, as I mentioned, I do "know" a lot of stuff that Ive picked up from either playing, seeing others play (streams, videos) or reading the forums or any useful info on external sites. When Im interested in something, I tend to read a lot about it, almost close to obsession sometimes. The moment Dominion came out, I became extremely interested in it, and it has now become the only mode I play in LoL. It opened so many doors to so many things including the FUN factor I had lost not too long ago in Classic.

So anyway please don't see this thread the wrong way! I don't have a badge to show off, I don't even have that many Dominion games altogether (around 180~ or less, from both accounts) and I can admit anytime you want how lousy of a player I can be often!
But I still want to share what I know and hopefully add tips from other more experienced players to help the people who are struggling to understand/master Dominion's mechanics and playstyle, because even if Im a bad player, I tend to win most of my games (on both accounts) simply from the theoretical knowledge I have over others! So this, in the hands of a better player, is probably what defines the true high eloers of this mode.

You may wonder, whats in it for me (me me, not me you )? why am I doing this?

Im no saint nor am I crying for attention, I wont ask for donations or upvotes, and I simply dont think I get anything "directly" in return. What I want is better games, that simple. Better, harder and more interesting games for me and for everyone, not that my games are easy or boring, cause they are not, but they definitely could be a whole lot better if people knew these things. Games where everyone actually knows the theory in and out and the outcomes really depend on what the players/teams do with it, and their true skill more than just "knowing" the theory like me. This could be contraproducent to me because I could start getting stomped hard, but if those stomps were actually good games, its all worth the shot.

So why did I even decide to do this? Well, I won a few games this week where the enemy teams seemed to be really neat players champion-skill wise, but they just kept making so many mistakes Dominion-wise that it costed them the match every time!

One match I even felt they were like MUCH better players than us champion-wise but we still won because we outplayed them Dominion-mechanic wise, and only for that (I even had a guy on my team trolling AP Graves that game, go figure).

Btw, this thread will be big. Like, BIG..


More like.. GIGANTIC. And sorry, but there is no TL;DR to this, because every bit of information I wrote I feel is important to understand the rest (not necessarily for each point independently, understanding one point might be needed to understand another one), however, to make it easier for everyone the title of the points in the list have a little * behind as in being "list formatted", are bolded out and underlined (and I wish I could make font bigger, but I cant), so they should stand out easily thus you can just go through skipping through the thread and read whichever title interests you if you are lazy to read everything right now (which I would understand, because it ended up to be even bigger than I initially thought). In fact, Ill probably make some sort of "glossary" tomorrow for more convenience, but right now Im way too tired. Ive been working on this for several hours now (I know, thats sad ).

One final thing Id like to add in this intro is that you need to be aware that if you are a veteran Dominion player, the way I explain these tips might sound like if I was talking to a 1 year old, slow and explaining everything as specifically as I can, but I did that on purpose because the people Im trying to "help" with these tips are the people who might not be too skilled in Dominion and are willing to get better, sort of "Dominion newbies", so explaining in detail is the best way I can think of to really allow them to understand and be able to apply this information correctly. So Im sorry if it sounds too slow for you, try to bare with that as you can, remember this is more focused on the newbies!

Btw, yes Im posting this on my smurf. I tend to never want to show my main (which is why I blurred the names on the pics I post) and always post things on my smurf, probably Im a coward I know, but really, for the intention of this thread it should not be important, you already know (because I told you, repeatedly) Im a lousy player so there should be nothing to prove that would require you to have to look into my profile! I also play more in this one lately because of much longer queue times on the other one, so if you want to add me to tell me or ask me something about the tips or similar, you are more likely to catch me online here!


So lets get into it. Ill add pics on the tips I feel I need to, however most certainly the pics will be uploaded in tinypic.com or similar, cause the LoL's attachments always give me a lot of trouble and get all buggy on me. Its also more convenient to just have the link to a pic right next to the tip in question (Im aware I could do this too with LoL's attachments, but the first point still stands!). Its annoying that hyperlinks dont work in this forum, I know it, but if you really are a Dominion enthusiast like me and are willing to learn as much as possible, you should take your time here! If you think its annoying to have to copy+paste the links one by one to see them, imagine how annoying it was for me to do the upload+organizing process for you to be able to do it in the first place

The tips are general so they can range from even champion select screen to post-match screen (like, don't degrade your enemies after you already beat them! lol jk but seriously dont do it, its mean ), so be ready for some tip mess (I might mega organize the whole thing even better if the thread goes well and its helping people and you neeeeeed me to do it, but for now Ill just see how things turn out because Im really tired).

Also, if you have ANY tip to share (that isnt in the list already ofc) go ahead and post it and (if I and/or everyone else feel its valid) Ill add it to the main post and of course credit you for it. Also if you disagree with any of my tips say it and post why or your own theory! Ill be happy to discuss and be corrected if your argument is stronger.

On to the list. Something to note is that the order has no relevance, Im just posting them as I think of them. I will however note if a point is specifically important just so you pay closer attention to it, respectively. Also Ill be updating this thread if I remember something else or when I learn something new. Also english is nowhere near my main language, so forgive me for any grammar / coherence mistakes, feel free to correct me. Also, I use the word Also a lot.


* Use and abuse the FoW (Fog of War)!

This is probably one of the most important ones and if you see Dominion streams/videos from higher elo players you will see pretty much every player in those matches know this and apply it in every single match.

What do I mean? Well, if you notice the Dominion map, there are several spots that are covered by FoW where it really wouldnt make that much sense to, but they make for really good hideouts to keep pressure and mind-boggle your enemies!

Here are some spots for what Im refering (pics included):

1) Bot/Mid Health Relic zones:

As you can see in this pic:


What I highlighted is all clearly FoW, which means if you stand where I am standing in the pic, you cant see anything inside it, even if the enemy was right beside you a milisecond earlier, if he went in there you will lose complete sight of him! It doesnt sound too logical that an enemy standing like 1 pixel next to you cant be seen by you while he can actually see you, but it works exactly like that.
(note, I only highlighted the first pic so you understand what Im talking about when I say FoW, rest are the same principle just in different locations/positions)

So basically this pic:


Is the same as the first without the highlights and from another angle, but the line of sight of the champion remains the same, as you can see, from that position, I cant see what is directly below me at all.

This one:


Is the most common capture angle from where the enemy bot will try to cap this point (if you are on the blue side).
As you can see, my line of sight is now a bit clearer in the sense that I can see below a bit better, but STILL there are fog spots which Ill highlight just this once more so you understand what Im saying because this is the whole thing Im talking about here, with the abusable spots thing:


This is the exact same picture except I highlighted the limits where you lose line of sight. Lets see some more pics and if you are still not sure of this Ill later on explain you how is this used to your advantage with an example scenario.

In this pic:


Im showing the previous position from a slightly different angle but now I placed my clone in the place where YOU should be standing, if I was the enemy, in order to make him lose sight of you.
So if I (Red Shaco) was the enemy, and you (Green Shaco) were standing exactly where Green Shaco is standing in the pic, the enemy would NOT see you! But you CAN see him perfectly. Sounds illogical given that he is right above you, but it is how it is fella.
(btw, its obvious that in my examples I cant show you how it would look "in a real game" because my Clone is part of my team hence I see what his line of sight brings, so if he goes into the FoW spot he will be visible and everything around him, but just imagine he is the enemy and use the previous pics as reference for the FoW spots)

Here is another case where the enemy (Red Shaco) would not see you (Green Shaco) while he is trying to cap your point:


Same happens in the other bot side, except it feels (to me) a bit trickier there in some spots cause the FoW just seems "inconsistent" if you are coming from the left side but well thats another story and maybe its just me. Its still perfectly possible if you catch the right places, like Ill show you in the following pics.

#1, common capturing position (and his respective line of sight from there) if enemy is coming from the left:


#2, same as before but if the enemy is coming from the right side:


#3, same as above but while "actually" capping, but from a slightly lower position and angle:


#4, a more "exagerated" position where you would think you can see more but you can actually see less!:


#5, same as above but coming from the right side:


And now a simple possible "hiding spot" to #1 and #2 pics respectively, using the same references as before, Red Shaco = Enemy (who cant see you), Green Shaco = You (who can see him perfectly):


And #2:


Same happens with the mid points, Ill be using the right side this time cause I placed some JITBs on the left side while testing something else at the beginning and I was too lazy to wait till they died lol.
Here is what you view from the right mid point if you were nowhere near it:


As you can see, the FoW covers pretty much everything in the right side except for a very little "arc" immediatly next to the point's grey circle.

And in this pic Im standing in another "exagerated" position where you would think you get more sight, but in reality you pretty much dont even get any extra sight:


Now a pic with my clone, me standing where I was in the previous pic, and my clone standing in one "hiding spot" possibility:


Again, logic would say you would be able to see Green Shaco, but nothing, you are completely invisible to the enemy there, and he is completely visible to you.

Another common capturing position if coming from below, with the respective possible hiding spot:


(Notice that I keep using the words POSSIBLE / POSSIBILITY before or after mentioning a "hiding spot", this is because there are several places where you can hide that work, but you need to figure them out on your own, Im just pointing out a few for you to have as a reference. Wont be using them from now on, but NOW YOU KNOW!)

Once again, these are only a few common ones! There are many more, just play a few customs and find the rest for yourself if you wish to learn more before going in games, or just play games and learn from experience (this one will be slower obviously).

So to the golden question, how can you use this to your advantage? Simple, lets say you are bot and just killed their bot laner and captured their bot, you can simply hide on these FoW spots immediatly, and therefore keeping pressure on the enemy team because they will now not know if you recalled back or if you are still around, meaning they will be forced to either take a wild guess and backdoor if they think you left or push if they think you are still there, and you would think why not just push everytime right? In Dominion time is VERY important, I think the most important factor in Dominion is simply time, gaining time. 0.1s can be the difference between finishing a cap or getting hit>killed and losing the match, so if the enemy happened to know you are not there (like if you recalled in plain sight) they would just backdoor and save those precious seconds.

Also, and I feel this is very important too, you get to make the first move and they may not even see it coming! Making the first move can mean KOing someone (100% to 0%) if you are someone like Malz, Ryze, LeBlanc, etc. specially if you are catching them offguard so they dont have time to react and position to survive (i.e getting out of Malzs null zone(?) before he ults you, which would significantly hurt his burst).

I cant also count how many times I have catched enemies like MEGA off guard by waiting just 1~ sec before showing myself up, making them "think" they are actually alone and that I left, thus getting so confident that they could have the screen watching what is going on somewhere else like top or browsing the shop/checking the TAB button and not noticing that you AND your tower are beating him to death!

Now that you probably get the hang of what Im trying to teach you, lets get into some more options where you can use FoW to your advantage.

2) Initial path from base to top:

I remember when I first started playing Dominion that there were a few matches where I would rush top and check TAB to see how many enemies showed in case they had any leavers/afkers (there were a lot back then, for some reason) or if any of them were just slowpokes and hadnt woke up to realize they could leave base, but often I would see in the TAB like only 2 guys with items (so, they had been visible) which are mid/bot guys, and I would be like "hmm they got 3 afks or what" and then to my surprise the 3 missing guys would appear top out of the blue and I was like "WHAT THEĀ… bug??".

I actually thought this was a bug for a loooong time until I actually realized that it is as simple as what the following pic shows. In the path from both of the base's exits to the "jungle" (the center of the map, the "marketplace", the Seal, whatever you like to call it), there is a small path that is actually FoW meaning you can go from the base to the "jungle" and enemy will not even know.

In this pic:


If you somehow didnt get it in the pic lol, in the minimap the top path is highlighted, and the bot path is not highlighted, but they are both the same thing, both are the FoW path Im talking about.
(Sorry for the image being so.. painted by a 1 year old, but I just cant find a good alternative to Paint for Mac and Gimp is so weird it is the reason this happened lol)
(Also, I just realized in this pic my Nexus health is actually -2 points lower than the initial Nexus health, and I have like.. NO idea how this could even be possible? I was alone on that custom match so it seems a bit weird O_O anyone has any idea of how on earth could I possibly lose those 2 points??)

Anyway, here is how it looks closed up:



Using this might not seem too important (specially for what I was using it for before), but I believe it doesnt hurt either and it can help a little, in terms that it can confuse your enemies and also they wont be able to either see where the 3 usual "top" guys really went to (Ive seen premades 3-man rushing their mid then bot and succeeding at it just because the enemy team didnt see them coming) and ALSO they cant see your starting items, this can be useful because the enemies who need to know which are the highest threats (to exhaust, lock, etc) will have to react faster.

Another thing this can be useful for is to mix it up with the previous Bot/Mid Hiding Spot tips, for example, if you just captured their bot with someone like say Shaco and somehow ended in really low hp (meaning you, in most cases, should not stay and try to defend it), you could potentially recall in the hiding spot quickly (so the enemy doesnt know if you recalled or are still there), get new items or just heal up, and then quickly go through this FoW path straight to the jungle, pass by the speeding buff (avoiding of course the non-FoW places just above your bot point) and then when you are about to hit their bot you can just deceive and appear again in the hiding spot like if nothing happened (enemy will have no way of knowing), except now you have full hp/mana and maybe even stronger items, and this will be a major surprise to your enemy who will definitely not be expecting something like this.

Also, if you stand in the enemies's path like this: (I dont know how this one could be useful but well, cant hurt to know)

They will not see you there, asuming there are no minions of course.

If anyone knows other advantages for this little FoW path, share your thoughts! But in general, simply be creative, Im sure there are many many ways to use this to your advantage that I havent seen or thought of myself.

3) Top health relic:

Same principles of #1 zones, except this one can be a little trickier. Its probably often better to abuse if you have a champ with a spell that can go through that wall without it harming his utility too much (shaco, ez, leblanc, etc), otherwise you will have to walk all over the edges which is probably around 200~ (?) range away from your tower, and that can mean death and failure if the enemies react quick enough and lock you out of tower range!

So this one can backfire unless you know what you are doing or have a spammable wall-hopping ability, be careful with this one, but still learn to use it!

This is how top FoW looks if you are nowhere near it:

(ignore my troll items lol)

This is how it looks from a common path people follow to reach Top:


And where you could position yourself to hide:


From a higher angle:


Something to note is that, if you stay at the exact same position where I am right now but move to the left (closer to the point), you will NOT increase your line of sight of the top FoW further, in fact, where I am standing in the pic is the most you can see of FoW unless of course you move UP, but if you stay there and move LEFT your line of sight of the FoW above you will actually decrease.

However, if enemies come to the Top point being really close to the upper wall (or rocks/mountain), they will see as far as the health relic (not inside the bush obviously), so be careful with that! Same happens if enemy minions start to fight your minions close the spawn, they will reveal anything inside a small radius of that FoW but you will be shown unless you are more to the left side of the health relic (this is all asuming everything is happening in the right side of the health relic).

Pretty much the same applies if we mirror it to the left side:


You just have to find your exact spots and you're done!

4) Around Center Buff (Center Relic or however its called?):

The visibility of the middle of the map is not that big, it really pretty much only shows the center buffs and the small circle that is drawn in the floor around it, so be sure to know the limits and use FoW when traveling across the map so your enemies never know your position or direction!

No pics for this one since just looking at the minimap on any picture or going in a Custom game and watching it closer makes it kinda self explanatory, specially since now you should be getting the drill of it.

5) Bot's central Health relic:

This one is tricky but also extremely useful.

Here is how it looks if you arent close:


You can clearly see the FoW there, now here is how it looks if you are standing in a common "wanted" place while soloing bot:


Meaning that just as illogical as the following pic might seem, if you stand where I placed Green Shaco, the enemy will not have sight of you (I moved myself a bit to the right in comparison to the previous pic by mistake, but this same spot applies for both):


Heck, you might even be able to get closer to the Red Shaco like that slightly fogged spot at the immediate left of where the "mountain" ends (sorry didnt take a pic for this one, Im just noticing now), and maybe even there he wont see you! Would have to try it out to be certain, but Im pretty sure it would work out just the same way.

HOWEVER, and the reason I said is tricky, is because its hard to really have a certain spot here since the enemy will most likely be moving around all over that area so you need to be cautious about your positioning and know your limits!

Also, if you see the huge FoW of the first pic, you can literally just stand right in the edge of that FoW and be invisible to the enemy team asuming there are no enemy minions/champions close.

6) Top "central" Health relics:

Similar to the one above, the zones highlighted are FoW, and they are very similar to how #5 works except I BELIEVE (it does give me that feeling when Im there) the Top lanes are not as wide as bot lane, meaning (asuming Im correct) less proximity is required to have sight of the relic and the area around it. However, there are still of course hiding spots here aswell like this one:

#1, how that FoW looks if you arent near it (yes I know Im near it in the pic, but I made sure to be far enough to not affect the FoW of the zone):


#2, common pathing line of sight:


#3, hiding spot:


Same "trickyness" of the Bot's center relic applies here aswell, since the slightest enemy movement could reveal you unless you know your exact limits!

Thats all I remember for FoW tips, if you know more, share them!

* Use TAB!

This one might be a bit silly, but it works wonders! Why? Well, aside from the obvious looking at your teams items and the enemies items (counterbuilding is really important here in Dominion, more on this later) it offers you real-time information on which enemies are MIA or dead and which are visible on the map (greyed out name means MIA, death timer next to it means dead obviously, and white means visible), so it is specially useful if you are backdooring a point quickly and you need to check what is going on around you without having to analyze the minimap, doing a quick TAB you can see how many people could be coming for you (or not) and be prepared. You should still of course check the minimap, but that one wont show you the enemies who are dead, so it is useful on its own only for the actual position of the visible enemies (in that scenario).

NOTE: Do NOT use TAB to check where you are standing in the scoreboard. In fact, dont do it to check scores at ALL whatsoever! Dont see points, dont see caps and dont see anything else but the items and what I mentioned above. Why? Because (and this is really important) most of the people who give too much importance to their points/positions are in fact the sole reasons their team loses in the end! Also, if you do everything right and not care for points at all, chances are at the end of the game you will be in the Top 3 anyway. But dont worry about this for now, Ill be going very in-depth about this in a bit so everything is as crystal clear as possible for you to make your own conclusions!

* SOME champs with the ability to "create things" synergyze with the sight-granting Hextech Sweeper, but some dont:

I didnt know how else to name it but its basically that.

Champions like Shaco (JITBs), Teemo (Shrooms), Yorick (Ghouls), Cait (Traps), etc. (actually I dont think there is any other lol) are champs that could seem to PROC (the "synergyze" word wasnt really what I was trying to say) the Sweeper, meaning if someone walks by a Shacos JITB and Shaco has a Sweeper thing, the JITB will proc it and reveal you for more range or more time, but in reality, this is not always the case.

In fact, for Shaco himself, JITBs dont proc it, at all (which I find weird but thats another story).

So this might not be too important but it could be useful to know. Might help you counterbuild in some scenarios and it cant hurt to now know you are being shown for longer than you might have thought if the enemies that can do this have these items.

If you want to know more specific details about how they synergyze with each other:

- Cait's Traps dont add up any duration (the duration of her skill is long enough on its own, 7~8s of vision), however they DO add up the vision range of the Sweeper. So basically if someone steps on a trap, you get 4 seconds of 300~ ish vision range and 3~4 remaining seconds of 100~ ish vision range (thanks to aim1ess for helping me test this one!).
- Shaco's JITBs dont proc it at all (thanks Trevorcop for helping on testing this one).
- Yorick's Ghouls proc it normally, 4s of 300~ range vision, and it procs with his W and E ghouls, not Q nor ult (thanks Trevorcop for helping on testing this one).
- Teemo's Shrooms, weirdly enough, procs it the exact opposite way of Cait's Traps, it doesnt add any noticeable vision range (probably the shrooms already had good vision range) but it does add up a LOT of time because the proc resets on each tick of damage, meaning the vision proc will actually truly "start" after the shrooms self-vision proc has ended! That is around 8~9 seconds of vision right there (thanks Trevorcop for helping on testing this one).
- Know of any other champion that works like these? Remind me!

Ok guys, I need to continue this in the next post because:

The following errors occurred with your submission:
The text that you have entered is too long (53531 characters). Please shorten it to 30000 characters long.


List continues in the next post, and I will "reserve" the post after that one just in case we do get more tips from other players to make the list bigger.

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* Some other "unusual" things that proc Sweeper:

Given that the last experiments resulted in such weird outcomes I tried a few more stuff out of curiosity.

- Singed's Poison procs it, and not only procs it but it procs it GOOD. It resets the proc on EACH tick, meaning that the last tick will be the "real" proc, so with a single application of poison you will get 8~9 seconds of vision on your target (thanks Trevorcop for helping on testing this one).
- Ignite procs it exactly the same way as Singed's poison, resets each tick (thanks Trevorcop for helping on testing this one).
- DFG's active => ?. In queue to test, Ill try it as soon as I get the chance.

If you know any other "unusual" or "not so sure if this would proc it" thing that procs it, post it and Ill add it and of course credit you!

* Flash cant hop over the fountain wall:

Just a quick tip because I have seen people try this IN NORMALS (instead of Customs, like they shouldve).

So there, now you know. Flash cant jump the HUGE base wall. Neither can Shacos Deceive. Havent tried Ezreal's Shift but I doubt it, since Deceive can (afaik) jump bigger walls.

In fact, I believe the ONLY spell in the game that can *OP as hell lol* jump it is Kassadin's Rift Walk.

* Health Relics give mana too:

Just pointing it out because it isnt quite "clearly shown" that health relics also add mana (they add 20%(?) of max mana I believe), and it is useful to know this.

Might be the difference between your ally casting 1 more very needed spell in a dragged fight or being oom for the rest of it because since he was higher HP you thought he didnt get anything by getting it instead!

* The increased buff duration mastery applies to all Dominion buffs:

In case you didnt know already (tooltip says it), the 15%/30% increased buff duration from the Utility mastery tree also increase the duration of EVERY buff in Dominion.

So longer Speed buffs, longer Center Relic buff, longer Quest buffs, etc.

* If you are going solo bot lane, make sure you meet at least one of these criteria:

Before pointing out the criteria, lets clear out some important things:

You may not know it yet, but in reality, bot lane represents what I would say is around 51% of the match's outcome at the very least, and in some cases it can mean the whole match altogether.

Many people dont realize this, but sink it in, because its true!

That doesnt mean that now you have to feel inferior because even with all your hard effort and perfect play you only influenced the lower 49% of the match or less because the solo bot guy took all the praise.

NO! Thats not what Im trying to say. Your efforts are important, and if you are good enough, even if you dont go bot you can single handedly carry a team on your own.

However, this is more standard to happen in the hands of your solo bot guy.

In a way, it is pretty much like Classic LoL, the AD Carry of your team should be the one with the game basically on their hands in end game, but the game has a LOT more to it than just "waiting" for that to happen. And sometimes (more often in Classic than Dominion) the AD Carry wasnt even needed because the game ended earlier thanks to the combined effort of all the players on the team (or the better effort of a really good one).

Anyway, you have to acknowledge the importance of bot lane because the guy that is supposed to be your "end game carry" will be going in that lane, and not only that, but he will pretty much have the huge responsability of leading the whole FLOW of the match!

Most common example: If the guy in your bot lane repeatedly wins the lane against his opponent, the enemy team will be FORCED to either send someone to assist him making bot 2v1 (therefore top/mid leaving top 3v4) or swap champions meaning they will be sending a much LESS fed/farmed champ against the already very strong bot that stomped yours (which sounds like a terrible idea of course, but I guess it could work if you send someone who is like a mega hard counter to that champ) or decide to let bot die and pretty much drop the match there without even realizing it.

On like 90% of the cases, the enemy's choice will be to send someone to assist/gank. In this case, this is where bot lane becomes so utterly important! If the bot laner is good, knows his deal and is using an ideal champ for bot lane, that means he will be able to HOLD (and sometimes even WIN) bot lane 2v1, meaning that your team will now be 4v3 top/mid giving for much easier captures/battles for you, and a much harder time for the enemy.

And even if bot guy couldnt handle the 2v1 and died quickly, if your team was smart enough to utilize those precious 4v3 seconds, it was then worth it because even if the enemy team capped your bot, you most certainly capped Top or their Mid in return.

So thats what I mean when I say they control the FLOW of the match. Depending on their performance, the rest of the team will have an easier or harder time winning their respective caps/battles!

Notice how all these things also apply "inversely" speaking, which means, if your teams bot is losing his lane constantly, it is up to your team to make the CALL and decide if you will send a guy to assist/gank, etc. so be prepared in top/mid for being outnumbered!
Also, and a huge mistake I see in most of my matches, try not to send more than 1 guy to assist your bot! I have had matches where the enemy team sends like 4 guys to deal with me bot, and even if they insta kill me, the fact that I told my team instantly to dive their top/mid ASAP meant we got at least 1 cap from their decision, but most of the time we will get 2 caps for 1 easily because while the enemy team was too busy killing me (or my bot guy) with 4 people against just 1, the rest of the team easily killed their 1 (much less strong, so much easier) guy and got Top and their mid in return.

So usually, unless you know exactly what you are doing (know where all the enemies are and exactly how much time you got, etc), its never a good idea to send more than 1 guy to assist bot, EVEN MORE if the enemy team already sent 1 guy!
(I say this because I see a lot that when the enemy team makes the call to send 2 guys to deal with your GOOD 1 bot guy, someone on your team thinks its a good idea to even it out and go 2v2 bot instead of taking the huge advantage of being 4v3 top/mid!)

Now that you hopefully understood all this, lets go into the criteria I mentioned earlier. Ill list a few things, and if you are going bot, you should at the very least meet ONE of them, but the more you meet, the higher your chances to have a better performance soloing bot:

> 90% of the time you will want to take Promote. Maybe you think the spell itself isnt that good for you, but if the enemy bot DID take it and you didnt, your bot phase will become a WHOLE LOT harder!! The only exceptions to this would be if 1) You picked a very strong early champion that can just outright kill the enemy laner repeatedly without putting himself in much harm from the Promoted minions. An example to this would be say Urgot, but you better be a HELLA GOOD Urgot if you are planning to use him in Dominion. 2) Have a champ that can defend against Promotes or clear minion waves very quickly, in a way that the enemy promote will pretty much have no effect in you or your point. Im guessing Morgana/Soraka could do this but Im just guessing, I havent seen anyone really do this effectively. So yeah, most of the time you just want to take Promote because it is just INSANE for the bot laners. They promote? You promote and even it out.

> Get a champion that is either really strong to outright KILL any possible gankers/assisters quickly, or (probably better choice) get a champ that can actually HANDLE 1v2 for very long periods of time and given the right scenario (enemy makes a mistake out of greed or similar) you can even win the 1v2. For this to happen your champ should probably have at least 1 sort of CC in order to prevent the incoming gankers from initially hurting you before their stay. Champions like Ryze come to mind, having a spammable snare that also hits quite hard is key. Others too like say Karthus (wall), Fiddle (fear), Xerath (stun), Malz (silence/ult), etc.

> Have a strong enough lvl 3~4 to contest and preferably WIN the positioning battle for the central Health Relic. Basically, you WANT to remain near the central health relic at all times because thats probably what will decide the outcome of the first bot kill.

> Have a champion that can preferably harass the enemy safely with spells that dont pull minion aggro, cause minions here hurt, and they hurt a LOT early! Dont underestimate this.

> Realize that bot lane is almost a completely different playstyle than going any other lane! Know the abusable FoW zones, know the importance of "claiming the central Health Relic territory", know how HARD minions hit early, know when to stay and when to retreat! (specially after capping their bot or killing the enemy bot), etc.

* Dont be afraid to spam your summoner spells:

Ive been a victim of this one myself and Ive seen it a LOTTT in my games.

People tend to "save" their summoner spells (Exhaust, Ignite, Flash & Ghost essentially) thinking there will be a "better chance" later to use it because they feel the battle they are fighting is maybe too small (like 1v1, or 2v2) or the enemy seems already in a disadvantage, etc.

This doesnt mean waste everything as soon as they are up, but DO USE THEM when you get the chance! 1v1 and 2v2 are pretty much what Dominion is all about, and winning a 1v1 thanks to an exhaust can mean a LOT!

Same goes with ults and similar long cd spells or item actives. If your instinct says you should use it, dont save it, use it, gain the advantage in the small battles and you will completely gain the advantage in the match!

* Dont be point (score) hungry:

No seriously, I think this is like the MOST important tip I can possibly think of.

This is the "thing" I saw in many of the victories I had this week that kept telling me "more people need to know this!", so basically the very reason I made this thread in the first place, so pay close attention!

Im not just going to tell you the thing every good player has said at least once in their LoL life "KDA/Scores dont mean much", because thats a weak argument to try to convince someone to stop doing what they have been doing for like all their LoL life.

I hope my argument in this one is stronger and makes you at least think twice in you next match.

Basically, what they have been telling you is right. But how is it right? Well, and more so in Dominion, the scoring system is a bit flawed, or at least for around 75% of the match's duration.

This is because it doesnt reward a lot of very important things that it should but would be probably a whole lot more complex to code, but I wont get into that, I will get into what it does reward.

It rewards for kills/assists, it rewards for caps, it rewards for assist caps, it rewards for deaths defending, it rewards for breaking cappers, and probably others I forgot but these are the most common.

From all these, the only truly logical one to me is deaths defending and breaking cappers. The others are pretty much like KDA in Classic, the encourage selfish play, which means they DISCOURAGE TEAM PLAY! which ultimately means they reward the players who think in the timeframe of actions immediately happening instead of the big picture, which is the outcome of the match. As I always tell people, what good is it to be #1 position if you lost the match anyway? Or what wrong is it to be #5 on a match you won at the end? Nothing, and that is the answer for both questions.

To make it easier to understand, basically, rewarding you for kills means that if you are "this" kind of player and burst someone and he didnt die but lived in like 30hp and is now running away from you, but there is another enemy backcapping a really close point, since killing the other guy gives you more shiny points than breaking the cap you prefer to chase this guy all over the map for 15 seconds until he drops dead (or you die because their teammates came in rescue, which is more likely) and let the other enemy free cap a point and technically leave your team 4v5 for 15 seconds where you literally did nothing useful to the bigger picture, the outcome of the match, winning the match.

It also means that if you are "this" kind of player, and this is the scenario that bothers me the MOST when I see it (wether Im on the winning or losing team), lets say you just had a 4v4 fight Top, which is neutral, and somehow your team managed to not only win it, but you actually aced them and all 4 of your team are still alive, and their mid/bot is theirs. Also, 1 of your guys already started capping that top point.

What will "this" kind of player do? He will stay capping Top until the end, even though, CONSIDERING this scenario, only 1 guy was required to capture it safely!

And he will stay capturing it simply because it gives a lot of total shiny points to "be there" when a point is capped completely. You get points from starting the cap, and even MORE points for finishing the cap.

However, what does a GOOD Dominion player do in this scenario? He doesnt even START capping top, he immediatly spends all his resources in either backdooring their mid or if some other good player is already going in that direction, he will go gank bot if it seems possible, or he will simply STAND IN THE ENEMY BASE EXIT and just wait for the opponent to come out to do EVERYTHING he can to keep them there as long as possible for your guy to safely backdoor mid, etc.

And this is only a few of the things you could do! The possibilities are endless! Ok endless might be too much, but seriously depending on how the match is going you could have done a LOOOOOT with that time that you literally LOST by staying capping a point that was already going to be capped.

I have had scenarios where we are 3v3, win the fight, and I had already started capping the point from before the fight ended and there is like someone backdooring one of our points and my guys instead of going there they come back to the point and start capping it with me! O_O I of course immediatly spend everything I got in hopes of reaching the backdoorer, but that is just ridiculous!

The worse part is, I barely EVER finish a cap in any match anymore (unless Im solo bot ofc) and when I see the scoreboard after the match finished I end up in the #1-#2 spot like 90% of the time!!!

That is because at the end (which is the 25% of the match duration I was referring to) it all adds up because your performance had more QUALITY instead of QUANTITY, and as almost everything in life itself, Quality >>> Quantity!

There are several scenarios where you can think for a second if you could be doing something else to win time for your team or get the most out of every advantage you get, as opposed to trying to climb the scoreboards, because at the end it wont matter anyway if you were the reason your team lost the match, even if you are in the #1 spot when you lose it can be even worse for you because chances are the whole fact that you were so score hungry to be up there was the main reason the enemy could take so much advantage and win it!

My 2 last games as Shaco were literally like that. The enemy team kept 3-4 man capping the points while I freely backdoored EVERYTHING like the WHOLE match, I dont think Ive ever backdoored as much as the last 2 matches and it was just so easy because nobody even tried to come stop me until they were actually DONE with the single point! Sometimes I had time to bd their mid while they 4-man capped Top, then when I finished and they finished, I would go backdoor their bot and they would get their MID (still not sending anyone for me) WHILE MY TEAM RECAPPED TOP meaning they ultimately capped 1 point and we got 2 for free.

I literally left my screen at Top all those times being so amazed that none of them even moved to come stop me, nothing, with such score-hungry enemies I couldve been backdooring as Anivia with no boots and I wouldve had the same outcome!

So please fellas, think big, its ok if you are "this" kind of player right now, Im sure MOST OF US have been there once, but its not too late to change, and if you want to become a better Dominion player, and ultimately win more of your games, you need to think of the bigger picture EVERY SECOND of the match! Every action you are doing, you need to think "ok Im doing this, but, given the scenario Im into right now, could there be ANYTHING else better that I could be doing?".

You have no idea how many mega close matches (before rubberbanding was reduced) I won with 1 single action that if I didnt selflessly take it in that last second it wouldve been a loss otherwise, like sending yourself to a sure death in the middle of all your enemies wasting all possible resources just to give your backdooring ally 1 more second which is the one that was needed to finish the cap and get those nasty last 10 points to win.

If I had stayed with him backdooring, 1 single AoE spell from the enemy team wouldve disrupted us both, cancelling the cap, killing us both and getting those last 10 points themselves and winning the match.

KDA is not important in Classic, but it is literally not important at all because it will hardly single handedly transform you into the reason a match was lost entirely, but in Dominion, scoring IS important in the sense that if you care for it before you should (post-match screen), you can ACTUALLY single handedly lose the match for everyone!




* Counterbuilding:

Another very important point in Dominion.

It is of course very important in Classic too, but in Dominion it is even more important (in my eyes) simply because there is ambient gold and in general gold comes fairly easy and almost equally for everyone (except bot), meaning pretty much everyone will be building their cores every game and it wont depend on their ability to farm. Everyone can and most certainly will get everything.

But that luckily includes you my friend!

That means, if you go the same build every single match you will probably have some matches where the results feel underwhelming and you dont understand why that is. Most certainly, the enemy counterbuilt your usual build, or simply they built their usual build and their late game was much stronger than yours rendering you almost useless.

The good thing about Dominion is that almost item can work on almost every champion.

I have played games with an AD Ranged Carry where I initially started buying the usual IE/PD kind of thing, and after realizing some AD guy (or many) on their team was getting really fed and destroying me before I even had the chance to do anything, I ended up building Warmogs + Atmas and pretty much stomping on everyone because I adapted, but they didnt. Its hard to imagine something like an Ashe with Warmogs + Atmas stomping on a team all by herself, but in this scenario, it allowed for it, and it worked.

Items like Wits End (for AS based ADs having trouble against MagDmg dealers), Lightbringer (for ASs having trouble with those sneaky Shacos/Eves/Twitchs), Sweeper (Same but for casters), Hexdrinker (for ADs vs magic bursters), Warmogs+Atmas (for ADs vs ADs or true dmg), etc. these are only to name a few that work out offensively aswell as defensively.

I see a lot of people in my matches doing nothing in fights simply because they are following builds blindly without thinking about what the enemy has built already or is planning to build.

I have seen a lot of people get Void Staff against teams with 0 MR items, others go Armor items because 70% of the enemy team is physical but the ones they are ACTUALLY facing the most are magical and still stomping them, etc.

If you are not familiar with building and counterbuilding this might be difficult for you at first, but its mostly common sense and making a habit to check the enemy team's items, and the champions YOU are having the most trouble with and simply looking through the shop to see what could help deal with them.

One of the most common mistakes of newbies is to build more damage against Thornmails, or even lifesteal. Simply reading the tooltip of the spell tells you the damage returned is magic damage, and common sense says well lets get magic resist. More damage will just kill you faster, but thats another story and there are already several threads concerning Thornmail around, that explain everything about the item. Basically, what you want to know is if you are having trouble with it, get some MR and get some ArmPen and say bye to your problems.

A good rule of thumb to follow when it comes to Pen items is something like:

If the enemies you face the most have less than 120~ MR/Armor its better to buy FLAT penetration/reduction items. If they on the other hand have more than that, % based penetration is better (Void Staff / Last Whisper).

NOTE: Im not entirely sure if the perfect number is 120~, I know people have mathcrafted this number but I dont remember it, Im just posting the last number I remember reading about! But using this as a starting reference can help out.
You can read the wiki for better reference if you want: http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Magic_penetration or http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Armor_penetration

* Timers:

Here is a list of timers you should at least know about, pretty much like you should know the buff timers in Classic if you want to become a competitive/better player.

So far here is what Ive collected:

- Base gates open: 1:20 (this is the time when you can get out of base, minute 1 second 20)
- Health Relics: They spawn at 2:00, all of them simultaneously. They re-spawn 32~ seconds after picking one up.
- Speed Buffs: They are always there, the speed buff lasts for 10 seconds (notice Im asuming no masteries for extra time are used here), and they reset if you step on them while already having one on (with reset I mean re-apply).
- Center Buff: It spawns at 3:00, it takes 5~ seconds to "capture" it (Im not entirely sure if Priscilla affects this, I tested it, and it kind of gives the feeling that it does, but its hard to humanly cronometer those extra 0.5s perfectly and even harder with my lousy reflexes lol, if you know this for sure post about it!), and it lasts 50 seconds (again, no masteries). It re-spawns 3 minutes after picking it up, or 2 minutes and 10 seconds after it runs out of the player who took it (asuming no masteries).
- Capping: It takes 10~ seconds to cap a neutral point from 0% to 100% (asuming no Priscilla), since the very moment you click it. I didnt have time today to try out how long it takes to cap a point from 100% enemy to 100% yours, but Im supposing it takes around 21~23 seconds.

~Work in Progress~

So this is all I got for now guys. I hope you enjoyed it, this took most of my day but I actually learned a few things from doing it so up to this point, I feel it was worth it!

Feel free to reply anything that comes to mind, share your own tips, correct my theories, anything!

And remember, as I posted above, this is a Work In Progress, meaning its not over and probably never will, as noone can know every single thing, but we can try and gather as much as possible!

Good luck, have fun and good games everyone.


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Karma Harmony



Superb advice.

The introduction is a bit long winded though, lol

Still, a well deserved upvote --- I learnt a lot on fog of war, by looking at the picturess.

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Senior Member


Wow, posting in epic thread! Well not really. Only internet memes really become epic. This one has too much intelligent thought in it.
Im sure you will get lots of drive-by downvotes from TL;DRers and those that read until they find 1 point that they disagree with.

Anyways, superb work! I learned a lot from the fog of war pictures...especially that I can stand right in plain sight and still be cloaked by Fog. Those 2 stealth trails from base are a great find too.

Buff duration was important too. Im lazy and dont really use special dominion masteries, but I will deffinitely rework my Utility tree for dominion to include the buff duration bonuses! Especially since i have free points since clairV and flash aren't used for the most part.

Thanks again for this excellent work!

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Senior Member


Will definitely read when I get the chance! Will update this with my thoughts afterwards

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Senior Member


Good bit of info. One thing I'd like to point out... if you have 3 or 4 people tower diving top to cap it, and you succeed at the cost of losing bottom. RECALL BACK AND PREVENT THE BOTTOM CAP. There's no need to keep three people capping the top when you've just slaughtered their defenders. One or two should recall back and haul ass to interrupt the bottom cap (or to finish off the job that the defender started). Seriously. Give up a couple of personal points to prevent losing a bunch of team points.

(Just finished reading the above and saw that this was covered. However, because I feel so strongly in it I'm leaving this up to reinforce this one simple fact.)

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Junior Member


Great post. I've witnessed plenty of teams that had players with much greater skill with their champions compared to the other team, yet still lose due to greed for kills and lack of good dominion strategy. Unfortunately after ~150 games I still feel like half the people on each team in every game lack almost all of these fairly simple concepts. I'm posting here and upvoting in hopes that this stays near the top of the front page until all of this info is as common and basic to everybody as last hitting in SR.

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For some reason or another, my ISP cannot load anything from tinypic.com. It just can't. If you could rehost those images on imgur or puu.sh that would be greatly appreciated (and it'll cut down the URLs and text sizes too).

Overall the guide has some really useful information, sort of like an intermediate/advanced guide to dominion strats and tactics. One thing I've noticed about your 4v4 example at top in your "Don't be score hungry" section is that you don't account for your teammate's health after the fight has ended. Yes, your team may have won the battle, but if 3 of the 4 has 100hp left and one person has half their HP left, trying to disrupt or cap mid will be a disaster because their entire team will res with full HP and the chance to buy items. In a situation like that, running to their spawn would result in suicide and feeding them 100g. I do like the point of the section though; when there's opportunities to push forward to the next point when you won the last point, the healthiest champs should advanced while the injured cap and heal ( or reinforce if they can safely support the rest of the team with low HP ).

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Not that great a guide since 95% of the time the game is decided by champ selection