[CHAMPION SUGGESTION] Venus "Child of Earth"

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"Child of Earth"
When Venus was human she was an explorer of vast landscapes. Venus was reborn in the Kumungu Jungle. She was poisoned by an unknown species of plant of the jungle she found and studied. The plant had held mystical properties and poisons that would usually kill. Venus was different, she survived, experiencing the toxins flowing through her veins. Instead of killing her they enveloped her in the same mystical properties and made her inhuman, an animate plant. She still explores and came upon the Institute of War where in there Fields of Justice unknown plant species lie. Her desperation to study them have lead her into the battles that preside there.

Moves: (Didn't detail them too much with technicalities, just the basics)
Base move does poison, damage over time.
Frenzy Shield- Venus's vines frenzy around her making a protective shield.
Great Tendrils- Summons great oak roots upward over an area.
Photosynthesis- Venus draws power from the sun to heal herself.
*Ultimate* Fly Trap- Venus is able to plant seeds of a massive species fly trap that when an enemy gets in it proximity takes damage and is stunned for a short time.

Larger View of Image in attatchment go to http://ashwolves5.deviantart.com/#/d2suqhg