Champ Suggestion - Lucrid, the Spirit Whisperer

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stop feeding bro



Roles: Carry, Mage, Support, Pet

Passive: Netherworld Tap

Every 6 Minion or monster kills or every champion kill, Lucrid summons a poltergeist in the image of the minion or champion. Does not effect Baron, Dragon, Golem, or Lizard. Only one poltergeist can be active at one time.

Q ability: Ghost Wave

Launches ethereal energy in a wave in front of Lucrid, dealing damage through each target it passes through. Allied champions gain a temporary increase in attack damage or ability power, whichever is greater.

W ability: Empower Spirits

Passive: Whenever Lucrid deals damage, his poltergeist increases in strength temporarily.

Active: Temporarily increases Lucrid's and his own minions strength.

E ability: Phantom Rush

Lucrid rushes to a location, ghosting through targets and dealing damage to enemies. Lucrid can also phase to his minion to further increase his range.

R ability: Haunting Call

Deals damage and removes all buffs from the target, which silences, blinds, then slows the target. This ability costs no mana and has reduced cooldown with a minion active, but sacrifices that minion.


Lucrid is a pet champion who relies on last hitting in order to get his passive up. Ghost Wave allows him to support in team fights. Empower Spirits gives his poltergeist extra damage and health, and its active allows him to be more up front in team fights. This ties into his next ability, Phantom Rush. An escape mechanism, but through Empower Spirits he can survive enough to use it as damage output as well. If he targets his minion this distance is further increased, allowing a greater length of travel or chase.

Haunting Call deals damage up front, and debuffs the target in succession to prevent it from being gimped by cleanse. First comes the silence, the the blind, then the slow.

In all Lucrid is an anti-carry of sorts but relies on his pet which makes him significantly weaker without it. His pet becomes a resource system of sorts to enable more important aspects of his abilities. Requiring some farm and maybe jungle to get his passive up for team fights, but is overall invaluable to get his ultimate going.


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