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Looking to get serious in gaming and possibly sponsored, however in need of help!

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Hello, fellow summoners, how's it going? So I'm here today because I need some help with getting serious about League of Legends. I've been playing for a few months now and I'm obviously level 30 and have already read up/watched a lot of competitive play, etc. I want to start playing competitive in tournaments, however I feel like I'm lacking a lot of experience still. I need someone to help me and my "team of misfits" with some tips and tricks of some sort, someone who can explain some little things here and there like when to initiate, and how, and roles that we should take on separately during team fights to make them work out instead of just "FOCUS BRAND" *Entire team runs in* ~ACE~ "****..." (that's us failing.). I'd like to know strategies and things I can do to improve, basically someone who's 'been around the block' to possibly play games with and see me (and maybe even my team's) wrongs and help us out. Heck, we need a 5th so... if you're even up for some sh*ts and gigs, we might add ya' depending on how much you bring to the table ;P. Anyways, thanks for reading guys, and much appreciation if you decide to help, my name's MutatedFetus in game, let me know if you need something or just want to play!