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Need Advice 35 Games In

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So, I have been a long time player of LoL, back when there was Winter SR, back when Morde and Vlad were in every game, back before Akali was even released.

That's old; never have I ever even attempted to rank, simply because I thought I wasn't ready. More than a year later, I finally decide to give it a shot and I'm looking from some feedback, evaluation, and advice.

35 games in, I'm at 20-15 (1379 elo). Obviously not the start I was looking for, but something that I feel is still within the gold range.

Everyone has complained about not being in their deserving elo, but what IS my deserving elo? I think I was rolling 7-2-10 KDA per game before I started to troll in 5's ('cause I heard they're resetting it after the pre-season) and it's still like 7-2.8-9 or something now. Anyways, does KD really not matter? I know for sure I'm doing something wrong with my Anivia carry, I got like 22-6 KD and I remember going legendary and ganking all my lanes, but I lost all my games with her simply because.. I actually don't know why tbh.

Is it my champ picks? Is Anivia just not that good enough a carry? Someone told me that there are hard carries and soft carries, Anivia will be focused down faster than an egg and hatch. Which is why I kind of stopped playing her. All my games with her, I played against an Irelia though, which might be the case because she just went for me and me alone.

My next question is, how difficult will my climb be? From those of you who are experienced and have fluctuated between elo hell, how many games does it take to escape? My friend is 1800 and he says that I'm not far from being 1400 - 1500 and eventually 1600 at the very least.

My last question is, how much different is it solo queue from duo queue? I have played all my games solo because my gold / plat friends tell me that's the best way to start. Starting duo with someone that's of a different badge will cause elo variances that will really either be in your favour or your loss and that's too much to risk. Once I hit 1450 I plan to duo with another silver friend, I don't have any bronze friends -__- will that be better off than solo?

TL:DR - Only reply if you care to read

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Well. i think you should start duo queue. if you have at least 1 player that you know and you know that that player is good, then at least 2 good players on your team will carry. the best advice i could give right now, idk if it helps. but up to you on what you wanna do