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Champion Guides in a minute for new players!

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Hello guys!

I'm quite seasoned player with waaay over 2k games under my belt. Recently I started making video guides for champions about minute-two long and I'm adding at least one per day.


http://youtu.be/H4em8qsEGfo Graves
http://youtu.be/8mu-f6CN3tE Akali,
http://youtu.be/xEAaemwGo6g Alistar,
http://youtu.be/tLYjpdgFjB4 Amumu,
http://youtu.be/Am6XlxIbnoU Anivia,
http://youtu.be/7J2nI18wFFM Shyvana,
http://youtu.be/Vr5KZfzJCxA Annie,
http://youtu.be/2FV7WNHprdE Ashe

While I'm not really highly ranked player due to lack of time, I love mathcrafting and crunching numbers; I also play pretty much every champion role.

If you have any question, silly, hard or you are just wondering about something, feel free to post there/on my channel/ask me on twitter (http://twitter.com/#!/thefalleth) and I will surely respond with helpful answer (will be checking that thread daily).

See you soon on Fields of Justice!

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0FdlIIjXRg Cho'Gath guide in a minute!