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What's up with the Log in servers?

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GG ResidentChief

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same error!

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Sorry if this seems rude - but please stop being silly and bumping a thread when your answer is in another thread close by. There is a thread where Acetaminophen has said in something like two-to-three times that it looks like it's going to be down for a while.

Take a look here -

I will go ahead and post a quote from what he has said in that thread to save time-


This event will be on hold until further notice. Having some issues with the PBE environment currently.

We are going to have to put this on hold until further notice. Sorry about this.

He said it twice in that thread. The PBE is having some problems right now. Problems including, but probably not limited to, the login server.

Yes, they could set the server status to unavailable, but perhaps there is a reason that they do not. I'm sure they are working on the problem, but we shouldn't expect to see anything really happen until possibly next week. Just take a small break from PBE on Live server.

Either way, this issue is well known, and they are working on it.

Also -
Read the COMPLETE part.


I'll even show you the topic topic.

COMPLETE: PBE Being Brought Down 11/2

If you look at the date on that, it was yesterday. Today is this new login problem - the same problem Ace posted about in his Spectator Event thread. That thread you quoted actually has an edit from WhattayaBrian saying "Edit: she's back up!" So I don't think it's entirely accurate -

Adrian Umbra was the most correct here, and most informative, and yet he was down-voted. I find that rather silly.

I hope this information helps!