zyra questions

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Rengar Greyback

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I'm new to the game, and I have a few questions about Zyra.I picked her up cause she reminded me of one of my fav anime chars, like his long lost sister

1. will raising her aspd increase her plants aspd as well? i would this but it's hard to do since most ppl just rush bot matches, so I'm curious on insight.

2. how well can her dps do? I know not supposed to dps but I've ran into a few situation where i really needed to know but didn't wanna cost us the match.

3. how does magic resist vs magic pen work exactly? say someone has 100 magic resist and i have 15 magic pen, does this treat them like that only have 85 magic resist or is there some form of scaling here? I'm wondering because i can get fairly high AP but my damage is meh even against people that have no magic resist, or is this something that just happens with here later in game

thank you in advance for your replies

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1. Atk spd is a champion only stat. Only champions and champion clones will gain the item boosts and only at a decreased amount usually.

2. She can dps fine as a mid laner, she is used as a support due to her utility.

3. http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Magic_resistance
that will explain it as clearly as I could and in the same amount of words.