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Most successful Shyv build so far?

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Jungle - Red elixir and health pots - boots, rush warmogs, atmas, Zeal and/or finish boots, Frozen mallet finish PD, Gunblade

Rush level your 'w.'

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I've played maybe 10 games with her so far in various lanes(never jungled) and have gotten just about the same result every time. Score is always around 12-3-10, 15-2-11, 10-5-8...etc.

My build:
-Mercury Treads
-Trinity Force
-Guardian's Angel
-Force of Nature (Vs AP) or Sunfire (Vs AD)
-Youmuu's Ghostblade
-Frozen Mallet or Bloodthirster (Whether I need more tankiness or more damage)

I always start with Boots and 3 Health potions. I get W first, followed by Q, and then E. I always max W first for the move speed and good farm/harass ability. I max Q second.

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Start with boots and 3 health pots, and go
Mercury's Treads
Wriggle's Lantern
Wit's End
Sunfire Cape
Black Cleaver
Sell Wriggle's, get a Stark's Fervor
Frozen Mallet