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@Brackhar, Heimer: what's the plan?

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Personally I can't see how you could justify any nerf for Heimer. He is overwhelmed so easily by so many other champs its not funny.

Dominion has made him a viable and popular champ and people are finding it difficult to adjust and counter him is all. If the OP put an ounce of thought into this prior to posting he could answer himself. This sounds more like a whine than an actual issue with a champ that totally dominates like Akali, Jax, Rammus or Poppy.

Seriously, if your TEAM can't handle Heimer holding and or pushing bottom lane you (and your team) have some serious issues.

It has been stated many times that Heimer is easily overcome by so many different champs...Surely you must recognise this? If not try overcoming Akali when she is sitting on a cap point...or Jax or Morgana or Rammus. They are all 1079835617283561726 times worse than Heimer, and most of them can take on 2 v 1 (even 3 sometimes) odds at the turret and win.

As for your comment on little to no skill...if you just drop turrets and hide behind them you die. Always. Its about placement, using your W effectively to hit the enemy champ whilst shredding minions and landing an E to stun them. Then you GTFO before they burst your arse into the next spawn wave. That is much more difficult than most other champs.

I think you are just selecting ineffective champs and tactics to use against Heimer who is consistently voted amongst the most UP and useless champs in the game.

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Heim isn't even in the top 3 of what I would consider most troublesome bottom chamions. That's all he can do: defend one node and push minions.

Other good bottom champions can defend one node, push minions, and then run over somewhere else if they are needed. Heim goes somewhere else, he leaves his turrets behind. He has no mobility. He doesn't have a global ultimate. If Karthus is defending bottom, he can still make himself felt in a teamfight at wind mill by using his ultimate. Or he could get to mid if it gets hit by a ninja capper and destroy the capper. Heim would just die to the capper because his turrets are back at his node.

He's not even invincible defending his turret: many champions can kill him or push just as well as he can with more sustain.

I don't see any reason to nerf him. If you somehow run into a godlike heim that cannot be defeated, just attack another turret. Grats,it's a 5v4 now.

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Oh god, and there was a time when they were debating about the buffs on heimer in SR. =(((((
This dom and sr thing won't work.