[Help] Inconsistency?

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In my short time (a month or so) actually playing league of legends, I have a tried a variety of champs. With Ashe I was consistently good (but this may have been because of level >5 summoners I was up against)

Then I switched to Xin Zhao and the inconsistency began. I would win a few and do really well, and then do terrible the next few games. I wouldn't think much of it if not for the vast difference of k/d spreads per game.

I started playing with Irelia and I did really great for a week or so, and then the same thing with Xin Zhao happened.

Next was Talon and then Shyv and both the same thing.

So I guess what I'm asking is, how can I fix this? Sometimes I feel like I'm getting too aggressive and that ruins my games (especially as Talon) but I still think the inconsistency in my games is alarming.


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Reiji Ozora

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Champions have different play styles. It is up to the player to discover these play styles. Even if you happen to get two champions that are labeled the same thing by the community, such as tanky DPS, they will not play the same. What is great for one can be a mistake for another. Your own individual style can get in the way of being good at champs (which means that some will take a lot more practice for you to get used to). Even after having more than 500 wins in normal mode for Summoner's Rift, there are still tons of champions that I am simply not good with. If you want to get good with a champion that is giving you a hard time, you need to be prepared to play around 50 or so games with that champion. On the other hand, it is possible sometimes to just click with a champion and do decently much faster. Xin seems to be giving you trouble. If you want to get better at him, practice, practice, practice! (Sorry, there's no shortcut. You can read guides and whatnot. There is some good advice out there and some bad advice out there. If you have good judgment about which advice is good, maybe some parts of playing him will work out faster. But it still sounds like it is going to take somewhere in the two digits of playing him for you to get the hang of him. And I'm not even saying playing expertly. I just mean not getting stomped and doing alright. New players go through this. The people that aren't satisfied that they can become good easily quit. The rest continue to practice.)

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I've noticed similar trends. The working theory I have right now is that relative strength of champions follow different paths. Champions like Ashe tend to have very consistent strength and thus playstyle throughout the entire game. Ashe, snipes from a distance and kites when necessary...in general play safe. This doesn't change.

However, a champion like Xin has a different dynamic. He's meant to play like a Tanky DPS, but he has no inherent tankiness so you have to build him tanky and gear him for that role. Thus your early game style is very much like a melee carry (like Yi) where you need to be careful and only engage in combat when you're sure you can win. You shouldn't initiate and instead you should wait for someone else to initiate while you charge in after them.
But once you get that Frozen Mallet and Atma's you get pretty tanky and you can start initiating if your tank is ready to peel off of you. So when you've ended your last Xin game and you've got that "I'm tanky DPS charge!" mentality, you're going to die alot early on as Xin. However, if you're stuck in that "I gotta play as a squishy melee" late game, you're going to get poked to death by range.

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Best tip that has helped me progress is just writing down or making a note of mistakes I made in games I finished win or lose and keeping them in mind during my next game.

Also Im sure your inconsistency has more to do with getting a variety of unfavorable matchups in lane leading to being denied or underfarmed. Melee is probably the weakest class to lane in LoL unless you are playing solo top.

I suggest going on mobafire and looking at guides who have tips for your said champions and seeing how top players rune, mastery, and build them to get a better idea.