jungle fiddle?

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I am simply wondering if fiddle is a good jungler and what is his build nasties and runes?

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He is too slow. I personally think he's an awful jungle.

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Junglesticks is too slow, although he counter-jungles champs who can't interrupt his drain.

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Whats with the hate on jungle fidz?
I jungle him often with pretty good success.

He is one of few junglers that doesnt need smite to jungle.

I run mpen reds, yes i know his passive is mpen, but theres no reason not to stack it. Also when you throw dark wind and they are out of your passives reach, this gives it a slight bit of dmg opposed to purely a silence.

Flat armor seals, he doeant need the mana, and u grab these masteries.

I use ap per level glyphs, and xp gain quints.
U dont need cdr glyphs as once W gets a few points in it, u have blue, or glacial shroud, you can chain your q e w q w combo. Too much cdr is uneccesary.
flat ap isnt needed either since he can clear with just a tome.
this also aims a bit more towards your endgame when they will give you 28 ap+ %20 from rabadons, so 30.8(?) Ap from these glyphs at level 18.

9/0/21 masteries grabbing mana, movespeed, gold, xp gain.

This lets u start with tome and 2 health pots allowing you to clear blue to red with full health.

For ss i will either go ghost flash, flash ignite, or ghost ignite.
If u grab ignite, make sure to take one point out of+ 1 ap and grab enhanced ignite for 15, and ten ad.

Fids can clear just as fast as any other jungler i play, he just needs some micro.
u want to go w e w q for your gank by 4-430. W q w if u want to gank at 4 or sooner.
with L2 W fids can take alot of damage in the early game. Usually enough to take out the mid lane if they are even or 1 level ahead.
Just wait to watxh them use a skill, have your mate engage, jump out with q e combo, throw silence when its right.
I only keep one point in e, it helps to clear jungle faster. As for ganks, throw it when your target is nearby juat a few minions, gives an increased chance to hit multiple times thus prolonging the silence.
most of my ganks will be a e q w combo. Even if they hit me, im vamping.

After a bit of gold, wards, hp and mana pots for when blue wears off. Now u can grab hex for added vamp, turning fid into an early game tank. With spellvamp masteries, this gets a slight boost. Your armor seals keep your ho up during jungle, and when u gank ad in lane.

If i have a good starting game i can usually have wota and sorc shoes well before 15 minutes and score some scary tower dives.

Most of the time i take ghost and flash as it keeps fids alive so u can fight when the time is right for you. Also so u can stay in bush, ult flash ghost chase fear and drain. Its just madness.
i play jungle fids a little different from my mid fids.
I find i can go more glass build focusing ap as i have the element of surprise and want to burst as much as possible.
where in lane i potentially could be taking more pokes and may oom and may want roa.

Fids is pretty good at counter jungle as well. If u ward a buff, you can r .e q w combo while they are trying to capture. You score a kill and the buff.

A good jungle fidz should be making ppl **** their pants.

As for the second bluebuff spawn, this shoukd be given to mid at 730 IF enemy has no jungler. By this point fids can sustain himself without it, and u can jungle your way through to enemy blue.
with your standard clear u shoukd either be ganking by 4 minutes, or going back to wraith then wolves after mini golems. This should set u to level 5, 4 without xp gain. Now you would be gankong mid or top by 5 minutes. After a gank and shop u can hit wraith, wolf, then be at blue at 730 for the respawn.

By not needing smite to clear you can use ghost and flash both offensively or defensively. You may use both in a single gank, or maybe u will only need one. This is an advantage over any jungler that relies on smite and would only take one Ss to help with ganks.
with fear built into his kit, this makes his ganks even more terrifying as a wandering target can be focused very easily.
And if you can count to two, then u can cancel your drain to land e to prevent heal or flash, then just smack them with your redbuff to slow and resposition yourself to chain another q w.

As u may have picked up i have a great love for jungle fidz< 3
my biggest problem playing fids is ppl dont seem to know how to play with him. THey expect you to be smack in the middle of a fight, and dont care if all u do is ult and blow up. This is no good.
I have alot of issues with me using a combo, having a 3 second cooldown before i can combo again, but my entire team is overaggresive, die in one second, then ***** at me for not doing enough.

Also remember if you do too well, u will have to get hoirglass. Which is fine cuz u can toe to toe anybody, then when your cds are 2 seconds to go u can invul and combo when u get out. Q w will net u alot of hp if they cant land a hard cc on you. If they do, silence them and run away til u q w again. Pretty easy yet effective.

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he is like a jungle panth you need ganks to keep up with other junglers

most people wont gank on him until 6 when he his still a great ganker at lvl 3 with 1 point in all 3 skills

I would use a standard ap page such as mpen reds, armor yellow, and flat ap blues and quints
build is just hextech revolver>boots>wota>then whatever