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Rylai's Scepter Change Suggestion

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Ricky Vicious:
I think that the item itselve is fairly balanced, and it should not apply with katrina's ult as it is supposed to be like "attacking" each hero at a rapid speed. I believe the item description says something like "whenever a hero is targeted by a non-AOE spell..." which to my mind, katrina's ult does not fit into.

If rylai stops applying to Kat's ult, Mallet should start applying.

Honestly, I think that'd be cool.

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has anyone tried using this item with fiddlesticks? I tried it the other day and it did not activate on ANY of fiddlestick's spells. I wonder if this is a bug that just happened to me or what.

I did not see a slow on drain, dark wind, terrify, or crowstorm. I was hoping when i first got it to see a single target slow on the drain spell. Has this been addressed already?