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[GUIDELINES] How to combat Cyber Bullying

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It has come to the attention of the community that there is to much bullying occuring. Bullying can be considered when a player constantly behaives in the same manner every game and when threatened wit ha report, laughs at riots ability to take action. They usually start their behaivor at the champion select stage or banning stage by insulting the banner or another teammate who picks a champ they do not agree with.

Riot DOES suspend and DOES perma ban players.

Ways to recognize a Bully:
- If they start harassing others in banning phase, thats a sign
- If they attack others in their team for a prior game
- If they attack others for their poor choice of a champ
- If they are using offensive language
- If they harass others after 1 death
- If they spam nonsense all game

Ways to counter a bully:
- Dodge the game...Dont do this to many times a week or u get suspended
- Ask them to please mind their behaivor or they may be reported
- If they argue back then simply tell them they are reported and ignore/mute them
- If their behaaivor seems to continue to harass others, ask others to ignore/mute
- Take a screenshot of their behaivor if it is intense and email report to [COLOR=#0066cc]support@riotgames.com[/COLOR] (support@riotgames.com)
- Try your best to ignore them and any others who join their "fun" and win
- After a game take a 5-10 minute break before starting a new game

Players do not deserve to be harassed or threatened by others. Death occurs and sometimes:
- people have bad games.
- theres no mia and u rely on it instead of using global vision, and they get ganked.
- the junglers PWN and cover the entire map in speed
- the other team is better
- you team has a leaver or afker
- your to agressive for your level

Ways to counter death and get the kills:
- Play more defensive by using the turret as a 6th man
- Talk/communicate with your team
- use the ping feature to warn your team about enemy pathing
- Ask for help in items, maybe your team needs MR to win
- Randomly check the scoreboard when you recall to see what items the enemy has
- If the other team is all AP, get at least a Negatron cloak for MR.
- If the other team is all AD, get a Thornmail to help counter AD.
- Group up, solo gets killed.
- Don't over extend (this means 1 screen past a turret without support)

Things not to do:
- feed the other team in revenge for being bullied, this gets u reported
- fight back verbally or they can report you as well
- call slander them to the others in game
- forget to report them after the game
- spam chat with messages to avoid them
- post a forum post attacking them back, let Riot punish them
- play with them again unless the game cannot be avoided
- assist the other team with their position so they die

In the end, bullying does happen. Things to consider:
- players are getting ruder everyday
- No one deserves to be treated with disrespect or have to see your bad language.
- People have bad games sometimes (not every game is 23-4-18
- Not every game is a win
- Players many times are not American but can understand English
- 3/10 games has a leaver or afker
- This is the internet so there are ruder people, use the ignore
- Dont stoop to their level and get suspended for them.
- rude players say everyone else is a 12 year old.
- Fact remains that Riot asks for players to be 13 years or older to play the game and this is accepted in summoners code.




PS- If you encounter someone from another country speaking words you donot understand:
- Ask them nicely to try and speak english (it is an english server).
- If not then try to speak simple words.
- English is a prime language and most everyone in the world can understand the basics of english.
- If nothing else say GJ, or ping the map to warn them or direct them.
- Remember they are here to have fun and try hard as well for the WIN.
- Never insult them for being non english. Thats rude and uncalled for.

*This was originally in General Discussion but seems this is a better location after more feedback is given.