(support) Desperately searching for a competitive team.

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Hello, my name is LCD Sl1ck. I'm a League of Legends player who recently left his team... Cause of the lack of practise. Right at this moment I'm not that good of a player, but i could call myself decent. I am desperately looking for a serious team to play in some small online tournaments, and have some serious practise. I play the support role, and my fav. champions are Leona and probably Blitz (beep boop). I am looking for a team to get alot better, and I'm always willing to learn. I'm available pretty much everyday of the week, but i do go to school, so it has to be after. I live in Holland... so playing on the EUW server (IGN-LCD Sl1ck). If you have anymore questions just ask me. I speak english pretty decent, as I hope you can tell by this post. If your team needs a new support, i would love to fill that spot.

greetings, Sl1ck.
(reddit post: http://dd.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegen...ng_for_a_team/)