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I launched my own website...

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Jack Poe

Senior Member


So, my whole life I've wanted to have my own website. I wanted to learn HTML/CSS, php, Java, perl. Everything.

Then I discovered programming. I want to go to college for a Master's in Computer Engineering, but I'm far too poor for that (for now, I don't qualify for FAFSA as I'm not an independent.)

Quick backstory, a few months ago I was engaged and was going to move north and go to school (because being married would make me an independent student and I could get FAFSA.) I resigned from my job and trained my replacement. I got an apartment and job ready. I was set. I boxed up all my stuff and got ready for the move.

On the morning of the move, my fiance left me. She took almost all of my stuff and a lot of my money; I couldn't afford to move. So I no longer had a job and I had already been replaced at my previous one. I had no stuff, no money. The little money I did have went to bills the next month and then maxed my credit card paying bills after that.

I've been looking for work the whole time. Not just looking occasionally; I applied everywhere. Weekly. I live in a village of 2,000 people. The economy may have rebounded on a large scale, but around here we're all still broke and jobless.

I can't find work. To top it all off, this morning my car was stolen. I called the cops and my car was recovered, but they impounded it because my plates are expired (stupid, I know, but I was / am broke).

So now I have no car, no job, and nearly no shot.

A few days ago, with my last 20 bucks I bought a domain and I got a month of hosting from Godaddy.com. A website was something I had always wanted and something told me the idea wasn't completely retarded.

My site is very corny. A corny name. Corny art. It's basically a "just for fun" site for my friends and I. Until I realized the Adsense ads I put on the site (to see if I could) had generated about 35 dollars a day.

That's when it hit me. I could have my own website and use it to pay my bills until I found work. Or even better, have it become my job. I have NEVER written HTML before. I have NEVER used CSS before.

My website is http://www.theMurder.us and this is the fruits of a week's worth of self education in HTML / CSS. I have one bit of php and that's in the contact page.

So basically, I'm here on the off topic forum asking LoL what I should do with my website. How do I ***** this thing enough to get my bills paid? I already ***** it throughout my friends (who seem to enjoy me being livid and posting it) and the one LoL Video I have up they find quite entertaining.

Help me out?




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Senior Member


good luck