Kog Maw Advice Needed

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I know the "best" kog maw build by many is considered malady, wit's end, bloodrazor. With that out of the way, please humor me.

If Kog started out with sword of divine and then went manamume, where would you go from there? I really like sword of divine on kog as the amazing attack speed and 100 damage special (which does effect towers) is very strong at pushing a lane down. The 30 armor pen active for a solid 8 seconds (every 40 seconds) is also strong with his Q, which I level up before E. I gather that since sword of divine has the nice armor pen active with Q, that getting some AD would be good and Kog can certainly use a nice mana pool too for spamming R and later E once I level that up for the late game. The manamume also allows me to use Armor seals instead mana regen for better early laning. I can also do a 21/9/0 mastery set up for strength of spirit for some nice HP regen.

At any rate, these two items seems to synergize well for only 4k gold. I know you can go sword of divine, malady and the wit's end too, but I wanted to explore alternatives with manamume.

Any advice, particularly 1st hand experience, would be appreciated. Any links to any guide discussing this would be supremely awesome. Thanks summoners.