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Matt Bacon's Mundo guide

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Matt Bacon

Junior Member


I'm sure you've always wanted to be a Boss at some point in your life, right? Well, I am. Do this stuff and you can be one too.

Runes: Straight HP5 to stay in her lane all night. Magic pen reds for maximum penetration without sacrificing staying power.

Summoners: Cleanse because you'll have haters, and Flash because you'll have haters.

Masteries: 0/21/9 because you're a big man.

Items: Regrowth (because your **** is huge) + Health Pot -> Warmogs (big **** player) -> Normal Boots -> Spirit Visage -> Merc Treads -> Sunfire Cape (b*itches love capes) -> FoN/Quicksilver Sash (if haters keep igniting you) -> Guardian's Angel. **If your team has no balls and needs some damage, carry their weak asses by switching your Sunfire Cape to an Atmas because sometimes you have to remind hoes who's really in charge here**

Skills: Q: Max first. W: Max second E: One point at level 2. R: Whenever you can.

Early Game: Cleaver all day, your runes and regrowth give you about 40 HP5 at level one, so you'll regen the health in a few seconds because your **** is huge. With constant cleavers, as long as you don't suck, you can keep your ***** opponents by their tower. Use your one point in E to freaking destroy minions and get money get paid.

Mid Game: As soon as you get your Warmogs, return to lane and use your W make your Warmogs as big as you can get it. You'll be rolling in cash money, so don't be afraid to spend it on hookers and cocaine if you get the chance. Gank and stuff if you want to because you're a big man and wreck faces.

Late Game: Troll as hard as you can.

Initiating: Run into the enemy b*tches. If they know what's good for them they run the f*ck away. Cleanse and hit R when haters at maximum hating capacity and flash away. Come back in when your health is full and you'll be like a f*ckin ghost and they'll be like sh*t it's a ghost. Kill everyone and you won the teamfight, nice job guy.

Now, you can play Mundo like me. Enjoy being a complete Boss at everything you do all the time.