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Let's discuss Itemization for Graves

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I've been playing a fair amount of Graves lately, and I have noticed that his abilities are noticeably more hard-hitting than the abilities of other auto-attack carries. I have also noticed that his auto-attack feels comparatively weaken than other AD carries. This may be psychological, since people tend to wisely give Graves a huge berth, but it does feel like it's less damaging overall. Based on this, and based on that fact that his abilities to major damage, I can't help but ask:

Can Graves be competitively itemized as an AD burst mage, foregoing attack speed, critical chance, and on-hit for greater AD, Armor Pen., and some CDR?

His E provides a healthy amount of AS for a short time, and to be honest investing in critical chance has never felt as rewarding or necessary for Graves as it has for other Champions. This isn't to say he is a bad auto-attacker, but an Infinity Edge just does not feel like it does much for him beyond the AD from the B.F. Sword and Pickaxe. Zeals/PDs also feel like a poor choice for him.

I haven't tried it yet, this is merely theorycrafting, but building him as a burst mage will still yield an auto-attack that hits like a truck, with a built-in AS steroid, but since you'd be leaving out items like Zeals and (presumably) Infinity Edge in favor of raw AD and Armor Pen., his abilities will hit like a high-speed train.

I can easily see Infinity Edge still being a core item on him simply because of the unreliability that comes with buying a Blood Thirster, but if he was building as a burst mage critical chance beyond that would be ignored, unless a Brutalizer was being upgraded to Ghost Blade after having completed a build.

Let's discuss this. And as a little secondary thing to ponder: If Graves is doing untold amount of damage with his Q and R, (whether he's using the above suggestion or not), should he consider investing in a Hextech Revolver for the spell vamp (and a WotA if his team is heavy AP)?

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I build like this:
Dorans Blade
Berserkers Greaves
Frozen Mallet
Infinity Edge
Phantom Dancer
Any defensive item-usually situational.