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So I'm sitting here thinking to myself...

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...How do we not have Sonic and Goron (Zelda games) Rammus skins?

Now apparently Sonic is now some slim, hip hedgehog who's new games have nothing to do with saving woodland critters that a mad man stored in large capsules for reasons I cannot recall.

But this is what Sonic looks like (The old, good Sonic)


And really, have none of you played Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time? Surely those of you that have recall Gorons being stumpy and a little on the round side. On top of BEING ABLE TO ROLL AROUND IN BALL FORM. FFS.

You would only have to change a few colors and remove the spikes. And BAM you get;


P.S. What happened to Rammus' passive buff? I believe it was the Poppy patch that he had an awesome buff that applied to MR AND Armor; that got hotfixed within the hour.


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Emissary of the League


About Rammus' passive buff.


Rammus will probably not be getting MR -> AP anytime soon. The rationale behind this is that it's not thematic as he's an "armor"dillo. Additionally it was said that he would prove to be a valuable pick in draft mode against physical heavy teams, helping some of his "omgweak" complaints. We will probably look at his overall mana costs and durability, passive change aside. However, he does not have any buffs coming to him this patch.

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Been calling for a Sonic skin for a while! You're not alone on that one.
And I completely forgot about Gorons xD