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After playing in a smurf account I can now really say...

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That im glad to be out of that terrible place.

Sure is fun, but when MM ****s you up, it ****s you up good.

I now understand, that in my games, the fault of the loss can really fall on me on some situations, on others, it's lack of communication.

But in this smurf account, I can totally say that it's the fault of **** matchmaking. No, I don't blame the players.

I had 22 kills, 2 deaths 3 assists with Ashe in a game, guess who won? that's right! the other team, we had 3 leavers at 5 minutes mark.

Now I play Annie, not impressive score, but **** everytime I appeared I left them with no hp. but my team never managed to kill them, Ashe went some kind of mp/tank build, We had a mal feeder with revive. and well, a nunu who knew how to move around but inexperienced... to say the truth I feel bad for the poor guy, he really was giving his best, I gave him some tips =)

but seriously, in my main account, I almost never get a leaver, a feeder, or a such a noob player, any player with a bad score is most likely trying out a new champion or just having a bad day.

But in noobie island, ****, it just makes me sad =(

P.S: Sorry for the worst english you have ever readed =) If your eyes are bleeding, your fault for reading it all.

TL DR: Noobie Island Sucks, full of feeders, other smurfs, leavers. MM is at the worst here.

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True that.

I also think it lowered my gaming standards...I went back on my main and found myself making dumbass mistakes that I never made before I smurfed...The noobs tend to get ya :|

But that's changing.