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[Champion Concept] Lydia, The Webbing Terror.

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Well, I dont feel motivated to post this as Riot seems to ignore this area, but I have to share my idea.
Lydia is a giant spider, I created his skills, his story and searched the web for a good example for her appearance. Here it goes:

The Webbing Terror (AD carry)

Passive = Aracnophobia = When Lydia is broght to 50% of her life she fears all the close enemies for 1 second. CD = 30 seconds

Q= Bite, at melee range, bites the target inflicting 35/65/95/130/170 (+ 0.8 per attack damage) physical damage and lowering the target's armor by 2/3/4/5/6 stacking up to three times for 6 seconds. CD = 4s

W= Venomous spit, envenom the target for 80/125/170/215 (+80% of AP) damage over 4 seconds. If the target dies while this is active a little spider minion spawns (the minions lasts until killed and are squishies). Limit of 3 spider minions. CD = 12/11/10/9 seconds.

E= Terror's grab = Lydia jumps to the target and surround him in webs, at first the enemy is ensnared, then the target is slowed for 4 seconds and the efect gradualy goes out. CD = 8 seconds

R= Webbling Grounds = Lydia charges for a second then jumps to a near place webling the surrounding area. While in this area she gains attack speed and lifesteal, also the spider minions have their attack speed and attack damage raised and the enemies are slowed for 20%/30%/40% of their movement speed.

Now, considerations must be made for each spell. Her passive can be used as part of her offensive combo or as a escape tool. Her Q is her bread and butter spell, the main source of damage. Her W is made essencialy for the minions, they must be squishy but have unlimited duration, they can just follow her moves and atack targets or be commanded as Mordekaiser's ghost or Shaco's copy as if they're one. Her E is a CC kinda essencial for her role. And her Ult gives her and area where she and her minions are more powerfull, the size of this area may be like Phanton's ult size or Maokai's ult size.

Now, to the story:
(well, I am going to sleep now, tomorrow I'll end this)
Thanks, and sorry for my spelling mistakes.