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Sara, the Vengeance Knight

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In Noxus, tragedy can occur at anytime anywhere, especially if you dont always prioritize yourself first. Sara was a member of the Noxian army along with her husband Dan. Somehow luck always seemed to smile upon them, any operation they would both be in together and would both fight together every time, they guarded each other with their very lives and eventually that would be their own downfall.

One day their platoon met Garen on the battlefield, the two confident of their abilities and wanting the fame for his death engaged him. Garen had no hesitation, he instantly aimed for Sara even tho Dan was in front rushing, in the end Dan tried to stop the attack and took a fatal blow instead. Sara flew into a blind rage and rushed Garen, before she knew it everything went dark.

A lich was the next thing she would see, simply floating there as her body was strapped to a table to keep her from attacking and/or running she assumed. However she didnt have the energy or the drive to do either, she just lay there wallowing in despair. The lich grinned, "My name is Karthus and even though it is very satisfying to watch you suffer I have a proposition for you." Sara replied "What could you offer me that I want? I've lost the only thing I desired already." Karthus smiled, "What about revenge? I'm sure you want to see Garen dead for what he did." Sara now agitated replied "Get to the point lich?" Kartus replied "I can give you power that rivals his, that rivals even my own, I only ask that you must pay me back one favor in return whenever I choose." Sara replied "What is this "favor"?" Karthus grinned again "The promise and your desire are the same, participate in the League as my minion and in return you will also meet Garen there." "I'll fight in your name then, but I will also fight to kill not only Garen but all of Demacia!", Sara said both eagerness and hatred welling up inside her.

Karthus released her, "It has already been done you are one of the undead, and if anyone asks about me tell them nothing, outside there's armor and a weapon I think you will find suited for your purpose." In the corner was a black broadsword and armor with red lines coursing through them as if it was blood. Sara took them and went off to attempt to join the league of legends.

Role: Tank, Support, Initiator
Passive: Chill of Death - Lowers nearby enemies armor by 5/10/20 leveling at 7 and 14.

Q - Death Blade - Sara lunges toward target enemy dealing 50/75/100/150/200 +.4%AP magic damage. (3 second cooldown)

W - No Escape - Sara uses dark energy to pull in all enemies in a 200 radius and deals 25/50/75/100/125 +.2%AP damage. (functions like an AOE fling) (20 second cd)

E - Deaths Vigor- Grants Sara and nearby allied champions 20/25/30/35/40 movement for 3 seconds and heals Sara for 50/100/150/200/250 +.6%AP. (10 second cooldown)

R - Final Strike/Vengeance

Final Strike - Sacrifices 50% of Sara's max hp (always has at least 1 left from the cost) to channel (3 secs) a skill shot nuke dealing 10/20/25% of Saras max hp to 20/40/50% of Saras max hp in damage depending on the proximity of enemy champions. (stuns can interrupt and make Vengeance uncastable)

Vengeance - Activated during Final Strike - Lowers Saras health to 1 and gives a 1 second buff that procs when hit by an enemy champion dealing 100% of Saras max hp to said champion and makes Sara immune to disables and unable to die, however she cannot attack or use skills in the duration from saving her anger for a counter attack.

Health: High
Attack: Low
Magic: Medium
Difficulty: Medium

Skills subject to change, name subject to change,

Will try to check this often gotten really busy lately suggestions more than welcome ^^
Yeah I know death knight pretty much, friend wanted to make one and i had a good story idea for one so...
Yah i know forgot to put [Champion Concept] first too DX I blame sleep