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Erin, Runeterra's Chosen

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CPT Gunz

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All League of Legends champions have to fill a niche in the lore and in game play. For example, Graves adds a spaghetti western style cowboy to the lore and adds a short ranged, bruiser style to the pool of ranged carries. He successfully fills a niche in the lore and brings an interesting play style to the game. Similarly, this character concept is designed to fill a niche in the lore and fill a play style niche. So far none of the champions in the League of Legends represent good old Mother Runeterra herself. Also, no champion is a bruiser that focuses purely on dealing area of effect magic damage at melee range. This champion concept is intended to fill both those niches.

The Champion: Erin, Runeterra’s Chosen

Erin is recruited and empowered by Runeterra, a personification of the planet, to compete in the League of Legends and to be the prophet of a cult that worships Runeterra. Competing in the League is simply a means to gain influence to bolster the cult. The cult Runeterra and Erin create is a counter to Malzahar’s Void cult. Runeterra seeks to counter Malzahar’s Void cult because Void born creatures and their cult are simply hostile foreign bodies and sponsoring a champion and a cult is simply an effective way of marginalizing and expelling them. From Runeterra’s point of view creating this cult is like inoculating herself against a Void borne infection.

I believe creating an Earth worshiping cult to oppose Malzahar’s Void cult would bring an interesting chance for conflict, drama, and entertainment to League lore. As it stands Malzahar’s cult is basically unopposed. That is boring. What is an unopposed cult going to do? File its paper work for 501c3 tax exempt status? This seems to be a case of a good shadowy antagonist crying out for a protagonist. This character is an attempt to fill that niche.

Erin herself is an honest, idealistic young woman that accepts the burden of competing in the League and being the prophet of Runeterra’s cult because Runeterra has convinced her that opposing the Void is the right thing to do. Before Runeterra recruited Erin to fight the Void she was just a simple farmer. This brings the ideal of the citizen soldier to the League.

The Skill Set

This skill set is intended to create a melee bruiser with a focus on short range area of effect (AoE) damage with the mobility to effectively use short range AoE skills. All the numbers are pulled directly out of my butt and if they are balanced it is purely by accident.

Innate ability: Unity

20% (.2) of the champion’s ability power is applied to basic attacks as magic damage.

Why this? This champion is all about doing magic damage at melee range, so a passive that added magic damage to auto attacks seemed reasonable, if uninspired.

Q ability: Runeterra’s Blessing

The champion creates a large area that buffs self and allied move speed and debuffs enemy move speed.

• Move speed buff/debuff: 10/15/20/25/30%
• AoE Radius: 700
• Duration: 8 seconds
• Cool down: 20 seconds
• Range: 900

Why this? Every melee fighter needs a way to keep from being kited.

What ability is this like? Trundle’s Contaminate.

W ability: Reap

This skill enhances the champion’s next attack deal additional magic damage and hit every enemy is a melee arc. This skill resets the attack timer and applies on hit effects.

• Damage: 20/40/60/80/100 plus 30% of ability power.
• Arc: 180 degrees
• Cool down: 5/4.5/4/3.5/3
• Range: Melee, I think it is 150

Why this? Reap is intended to be a low damage, semi-spamable AoE melee attack spell. It is fun to spam skills.

What ability is this like? This is like Jax’s Empower with an AoE arc, less damage and shorter cool down.

E ability: Runeterra’s Wrath

The champion summons earthen spikes to hit all enemies in a short wide cone.

• Damage: 50/90/130/170/210 magic damage plus 80% of ability power
• Cone Arc: 90 degrees
• Cool down: 8/7.5/7/6.5/6 seconds
• Range: 450

Why this? Every earth themed champion should be able to blast spikes out of the ground in my opinion. This combined with the W makes the champion focused on doing damage to tightly packed groups of enemies.

What ability is this like? This is like Mordekaiser’s Siphon of Destruction or Annie’s Incinerate with a shorter range and a wider cone.

R ability, the Ultimate: Runeterra’s Embrace

The champion dives into the ground becoming untargetable and gaining a move speed buff for a short period of time. The champion deals magic damage in a small, self centered area upon emerging from the ground.

• Duration underground: 3 seconds
• Move speed buff: idk, 50%?
• Damage: 150/200/250 magic damage plus 100% of ability power
• AoE radius: 300
• Cool down: 9/8/7 seconds. The cool down timer does not start until the champion has emerged from the ground.

Why this? This is intended to allow the champion move into and around a fight effectively. The other skills are built to target tightly packed groups at short ranges and this skill should allow the champion to move into position to use the other skills effectively.

What ability is like this? If Valdimir’s Sanguine Pool was made into an ultimate skill it would look something like this.