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Pentakill trundle....he needs a skin!

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Senior Member


Okay, so my friend plays trundle a lot especially in ranked and he was wanting to get a skin, however the skins that trundle has i feel aren't as cool as they could be. Trundle has been out for a lot longer than some champions who it seems are getting skins almost every week. I noticed that in the pentakill series of champions there are 4 Pentakill skins.


I think that if you made a pentakill trundle skin where he is the drummer for the band that would be really cool and lots of people would buy it. Then we could have full pentakill teams with every instrument accounted for.

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Chou Makou



Bro, he has a big club... for the Drummer we'd want someone with 2 weapons
Like Olaf..Even Corki could do it as he could have the drumset around him whilst he flys...
But not Trundle, i'll put my Trundle skin ideas in your other thread