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New Tanky Champion

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The Champion fights with a sword and shield and he can throw his shield to stun and silence aswell as change his fighting style. After the Champion has thrown his shield he must pick it up In order to regain it. The champion's passive and abilities are affected by the absence or presence of his shield. The champion regains his shield at death.

Passive: The Champion's defense is increased by 15% when carrying his shield but his speed is lowered by 5%. When the Champion is without his shield his damage is increased by 10%.
Q-with shield: The champion throws his shield at an enemy to stun them. The champion must grab his shield to regain it.
Q-without shield: The champion rushes to regain his shield. Must be used within 3 seconds after tossing shield. Enemies in the path of the champion will be slienced for a short amount of time.
W-with shield: The champion swings his shield upward to knock an enemy airborn and knocking them back on the way down dealing damage both times.
W-without shield: The champion swings his sword upward dealing damage and knocking them airborn. When the enemy lands their armor is reduced for a few seconds.
E-with shield: The champion raises his shield to prevent any damage done for a few seconds and reducing the damage that allies behind the champion take by a percentage.
E-without shield: The champion defends against physical attacks and counters them back at the attacker. Magic damage is reduced but not countered.
R: The champion throws his sword at an enemy champion and then rushes them to retrieve it. The enemy will bleed for a few seconds afterwards.

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Kinda like Leona and Jarvin, ex it would be way over powered, good concept though. 8/10