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Kazuki, The possessed

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Location: Noxia.
Kazuki (insert awesome japanese last name) was a devoted family man. He had it all after struggling for so long and many lucky breaks, a successful career as a professional baker famous for his cream filled pastries, a beautiful wife, Asuka, a son to follow in his footsteps Hikaru, and a newborn baby girl who he adored greatly, Akiko. But as with all tragic stories, tragedy followed. One night, as he was closing up shop, A man burst through the door and knocked him aside shot him in the left leg and grabbed his wife and held her hostage. He demanded all the money he had collected that day in exchange for his wifes and familes safety. As kazuki complied he gave the man the money, but the thief had no intention of keeping his word as he backed away he pushed her aside and then shot at her kazuki unable to move could only watch as the tragic events that happened next unfolded. His son, jumped in front of his mother in an attempt to save her and took the bullet in his stomach, he then attempted to subdue the assailant but he shot him once more and the poor boys life ended. The assailant angered by this proceeded to shoot asuka and slay her. Kazuki went berserk he grabbed the closet knife and flun it at his assailant and hit him in the eye unfortunately it did not slay him. The assailant in Pain and anger shot out the last shot randomly narrowly missing Akiko, and then hitting Kazuki in the shoulder shattering his joint. after emptying his gun the assailant fled, after hours kazuki awoke to a hospital setting and found out that his arm joints had been shattered and were unabled to be repaired correctly. Kazuki knew not what to do his life in shambles with only his daughter alive at a young age he didnt know how he could support her and raise her and deal with the loss of his family all at once without the use of his arm to fullfill his professional needs. He remembered a story one day though that his father had told him about a power of great proportions. this power could grant the man any wish that he desired even bring back the dead. He found the old map his father gave to him upon his deathbed. and placing his daughter in the care of a trusted friend he set off to find this power. after 2 months of traveling and searching he found it. It was in a sealed cave but some well placed explosives opened the old decrepit seal that had long since lost its power to repel intruders. As he traveled deeper into the cave he could feel the pwoer call to him. When he finally found it he grasped the orb in his hand and then darkness. He then saw the cosmos fly before him and then a voice started speaking to him. "FOOL!! My power was sealed for a reason and you dare to think you can control me?" Kazuki ith all his mental power struggled against the force, they both raged against each other for hours until a they reached the final act and merged as one their individual personalities were mixed together. They thought together and acted together only able to discern each other form themselves when fighting. kazuki fused with the unknown Demon Went on a rampage slaying innocent and villian alike unable to control himself until the League of Legends intervened and stopped him. They brought him to summoner's Rift and with the magic there much like how it helps Zilean stay in one place helped Kazuki come to an understanding of the curse and demon he brought upon himself. The demon wished for nothing but death as much as kazuki wished for the revival of his family. The demon told him that he would revive his family in exchange for the chance to fight against other champions to satisfy his hunger. The demon gained power as he killed his victims and when he gained enough power he was known to summon great warriors to his aid under his control to slay more victims. kazuki agreed to this and so was placed into the league of legends to achieve this goal. The demon's name was Akuma. and while this agreement was made it was unclear still if he would honor the promise or attempt to slay those who imprisoned him now and anyone he could get near. The only that was certain was, Nocturne and Brand both got along with this new Champion quite well and are looking forward to working with him.

"If he can create pastries that stun the world, Imagine what he could do on the battlefield!"

Passive Demonic Hunger Every attack build demonic energy inside of Kazuki when he reaches 50 demonic energy his abilities become demonzied and gain additional effects. This energy does not deplete until having been out of combat for 6 seconds which decreases at 5 energy per 2 seconds.

Q: The Ripper; Dashes towards target location and attacks all in the line with each target taking 12% less damage than the one before it. Physical damage 60/100/140/180/220+(40% Physical damage). If Demonized this attacks stuns all hit for 1 second and deals double damage. Cooldown 11/10/9/8/7

W: Demon of the night: PASSIVE: While not in the line of sight of an enemy unit for 5 seconds, he fades into the darkness and becomes invisible. ACTIVE: Kazuki curses target enemy fearing them for 1 second dealing 65/105/145/185/210 cooldown 12 seconds

E: Demonic shockwave: Kazuki dashes toward a target area and slams the ground knocking back anyoen hit by the shockwave. 70/110/150/190/230 +(40% Physical damage) If demonized this attack deals 50% more damage and slows all targets hit by 25% for 1.2 seconds.

R: Endless pain: Kazuki allows himself to be consumed by Akuma granting him increased Physical damage 20/35/50, 15% life steal, and 20% increased move speed. Lasts for 10 seconds. While this ability is active he gains rage periodically.

Melee range 130
move speed 325
base health 500
demonic energy 150 capacity
base damage 50
base defense 15
base MR 30
havent figure out the lvel increases yet but what you guys think?