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Yes Cleanse should Refund Spell Cooldowns by 10 20.41%
100% 5 10.20%
90% 1 2.04%
80% 1 2.04%
70% 1 2.04%
60% 3 6.12%
50% 10 20.41%
40% 3 6.12%
30% 3 6.12%
20% 1 2.04%
10% 1 2.04%
Also, Cleanse's Cooldown Should be reduced by 1/2 the Percentage of spell Cd refunded 7 14.29%
I Think cleanses cooldown should be changed more/less 5 10.20%
This is a bad idea/I don't like it 30 61.22%
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{Cleanse} Change how it influences Spells and Cooldowns

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Cleanse hurts WW's ult yes, but it still puts you right next to the target, so while you did not get in 5 free hits on a still target, nothing says you cannot exhaust the target after they cleanse so you can kill them. Oh, and some CDR from the Golem Buff and a Brutalizer means its going to be back up before cleanse is.

Yes Cleanse hurts Morde's CotG, but once again CDR makes it back up before cleanse is, so its a non issue.

Yes Cleanse hurts Malzahar's Ult, but just like Morde/WW, CDR means it will be back up before Cleanse is. Not to mention nothing stops you from using your other abilities to try to force the opponent to cleanse early by faking that you are going to ult.

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C2C Shiro

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I think that spell CD refund is a good idea only on ultimates. Things such as Malzahar's DoT attack, or Zilean's Time Bomb should still be affected regularly by cleanse. Ignite and Exhuast should also not be affected since cleanse is one of the few things that gets rid of those statuses.

EDIT: Nevermind :P

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Riot et al. are probably already working on Cleanse based on the season 1 interview.

I will provide a counter argument for you anyway. Because there are so many players of so many skill levels, there are bound to be worst case scenarios in effect at some point. All this change does is set up for rage.
Basically, cleansing multiple effects, multiple cleanses, and really short cooldowns enabling super high burst make this idea terrible.
Rylai's itself could break the concept by granting the reduction to any magic damage spell.
There are also plenty of aoe CC spells, which maybe could work with penalty down to 1/3 effect.

1. Chaining CC with low enough cooldowns

Shen/Ram chain their taunts on you. You hold Cleanse until Ram does his taunt, knowing that was coming. But both taunts are just barely both still active while you Cleanse and both enemies get the cooldown reduction. You can't even cry as you attack them.

Ryze gets closer to another spell to cast. This could end up being close enough to do QWE twice per ult.

Ashe can do this one by herself. If she used both Volley and Crystal Arrow? Hahahahaha

Heimer is with Blitz and stuns a guy near tower, who gets scared and uses Cleanse. Heimer throws another grenade. Every time Heimer gets a stun, that guy gets scared and runs. End game kills are 0-0.

2. Cleansing against a running target

Udyr mauls you and you decide to Cleanse. This puts Bear Stance close enough to available again that he manages to run away cause you used Cleanse, thanks.

You are trying to chase down Gragas. You Flash on top of his Body Slam and Cleanse. Then Gragas' extra Body Slam enables him to turn around and kill you.

3. Multiple Cleanses (basically the same as 1)

Jax got you. Multiple members have to Cleanse to survive, at the same time enabling Jax to stun again.

Kassadin is on a team of chain casters with heavy CC. You end up cleansing Force Pulse along with everything else. He uses Force Pulse again. Someone else cleanses. He uses Force Pulse again.

4. Teemo wasteland

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Originally Posted by imhuge View Post
4. Teemo wasteland
I see why you left nothing there, as its obvious what would happen:

Teemo would get twice as many shrooms out on the field, making cleansing one, just mean you will step on another 2 feet away, triple blinds from exhaust and 2x blind dart. A lot of pain, that would make AP teemo much better then DPS teemo against teams with heavy cleanse.