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Sheraan, the Lone Wanderer

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Sheraan, the Lone Wanderer

Lore: Sheraan was thought of as the only truly alone person in Runeterra, travelling endlessly, to no true destination. When he was young, he had very loving parents, as an only child he was given much attention and if he wanted something, he got it. But he never really asked for anything, only that he could be with his family forever. That wish did not come true. One particularly good day, all seemed well until the shaking occured, they never felt shaking like this before, it was extremely strong, many buildings collapsed and many had to run for cover or die. Shortly after, a rip appeared in the center of the village, and a portal to the Void opened, releasing the most horrible and terrifying creatures to ever be seen. These creatures began to devour and destroy everything in their path, the only survivors being Sheraan and his family. Moments later the creatures appeared, and Sheraan's parents attempted to fend them off, knowing he could do nothing, he cowered in fear and terror as his parents ran to meet their doom. However, they were not killed immediately, in fact, Sheraan's parents, for a moment, seemed that they were different, as though they had gained immense power, they fought the creatures, putting up a great fight, killing some of them even, but to no avail, they were defeated, and Sheraan, terrifyed and in tears knew only one thing: run. He ran far and fast to places he nothing of, But at last, he came to a stop in a snowy mountain where he came across a temple. As he entered the temple he thought he felt the presence of great power within the temple, even though he thought it to be empty. Upon entering the middle of the temple, he felt a great wave of power over him. In the center of the room was a stand, carrying a double-bladed sword, sheathed in fine wood. As he approached the sword, words came to his mind: "I know of your past, young one. You were born with powers far greater than your parents had displayed in their final hours. The demons that came from the VOid are still out there, do you think you can defeat them? Do you want to defeat them?" Sheraan did not know what to say other than "Yes." The sword replyed: "Then take me, Sheraan, take me and wield me with not only your hands, but your pride and honor. Use me and slay the beasts, and defeat your enemies with grace and power." Sheraan did as he was told, and he removed the sword from it's stand, the ground began to shake with a terrible force. The temple instantly exploded in a shower of fire and dark energy, as this happened, a rift opened and the Void creatures appeared once again, exactly like the ones he'd seen before. They spoke to him. "Ah, we have found you, annoying child! Time to feast!" They went in to attack, but Sheraan realized he was to fight them here. He drew his knew found twin blades, and he was suddenly overcome with power, and he felt as if his hands were being guided, he jumped to battle striking them all down with amazing speed and power. He knew now why he was born to this life. Over time, he traveled alone, and always being alone in this time, he trained himself to be much stronger than he was before, because for some reason, he felt he would encounter more evil along his path, and he knew he would have to fight them to cleanse this world from them. One day he woke up to a call, a call he knew would lead him to creatures he knew he had to destroy. Upon reaching his destination he realized he had come to the League of Legends, and this, was where his true journey began.

Quote: No one knows anything about him but one thing is for sure, he's powerful. -Tryndamere, the Barbarian King.

When selected: I'll return the suffering they've caused!

Walking: Going.

Where to?

Take me to them!

I'm on my way.

I'll get there!

Don't rush me.

Attack: Here I come!

Get ready...

Don't bother running.

I'll strike them down!

Joke: (Suggestions?)

Taunt: C'mon, there aren't more of you? Hah, this'll be easy!

Passive: Sheraan has developed a keen instinct, giving him a 50% chance to counter attack, dealing 100% of the damage taken back to the attacker. (Does not work for spells)

Q-Mystic Strike (80/70/60/50/40 energy): Leaps to target area, dealing (medium) physical damage around you and 100% of bonus AD and allowing activation of Fading Strike for 3 seconds.

Fading Strike: Dashes to target location, dealing (low?) magic damage and 50% of AD and AP, as well as stealthing him for 1 second.

Passive: Every enemy hit by Fading Strike will reduce the cooldown of Mystic Strike by .5 seconds.

W-Ki Shield (45 energy): Shields Sheraan for 6 seconds, causing him to absorb 50/75/100/125/150 (+65% AP) damage and heal for the amount of damage taken. If the shield breaks by any means, Sheraan gains 2/4/6/8/10 Armor and Magic Resistance for 10 seconds.

E-Sword Mastery (No cost): Passive: Sheraan has mastered the use of his unique double-bladed sword, allowing every fourth attack to deal a Empowered Strike, dealing 125% of his AD as well as 25% of his AP.

Active: For 5 seconds Sheraan's attack speed and AD are increased and causing his attacks to hit everyone around him, dealing 50% of AD to targets in front and 30% to targets everywhere else.

Ultimate-Inner Power (20 energy): Sheraan unleashes his true power, transforming him into an unstoppable force for 15/20/25 seconds, in this state he gains 20% movement speed, 30/40/50% attack speed, 10/20/30 AD, 10 armor and magic resistance, and giving his attacks a 40% splash.

Please give me all of your suggestions/criticism, thanks!!!!!!

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W00t for wall of tExT