RADS Error Fixed!!

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OPAF More Medic

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Hey guys! OPAF here telling you how I fixed my RADS error! So a few days ago I got the dreaded rads error and I was very upset. I searched all over youtube, asked friends, asked people on twitch, and scoured the NA and EU forums for several days. But nothing helped. I tried using CCleaner, changing to public DNS (,, disabling firewalls, updating windows, updating java, updating adobe, using frameworks 3.5-4.5 and NOTHING helped. But I was talking to a friend when a simple solution popped into my head. Norton. That's right. Just one anti-virus scan revealed 7 threats. Don't get me wrong, I scan my computer often and did so just before this problem started to happen. I scanned it august 25 and today is august 29, meaning i just barely missed this threat. But I had these 7 threats removed and WALLA! It works! Thanks for all those who helped me out you rock!