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Hinako, The Demon Girl

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Got this idea awhile ago, inspired by The Ring and FEAR.

A little girl in a red dress, designed to control the battlefield with fear tactics and misdirection.

Q: "Siphon" (melee range) Hinako grabs(binding) target champion and siphons their HP for 3 seconds, dealing (50/100/150/200/250) magic damage per second, and healing for the damage dealt.

W: "Phantasm" (long range/skillshot(similar mechanics to rumbles ult)) Hinako creates a phantasm of herself at target location that will run a short distance in the direction aimed, and will damage the first champion it comes into contact with, causing a 1 second fear.

E: "Mirage" (flash range) Hinako flashes to target area, creating a random group of phantasms that persist until Hinako moves or they are attacked.

R: "Sacrifice (Very long range(Nocturne's Paranoia or Twisted Fate's Destiny), Large AOE) After a 3 second channel, Hinako teleports to target location, fearing all enemy champions in the area of effect for 1 second and dealing 1% of their max hp in magic damage per second while they remain in the AOE. Allied champions in the initial area of effect are "Cursed", granting them (1.5/1.75/2)x HP, AD, and AP for ten seconds, but killing them when the buff ends. Kills or assists will grant a "Cursed" champion the "Purged" buff, which will saved them from death. Each enemy champion only grants "Purged" to one ally. Hinako will die when the effect ends, unless all allied champions are purged.

(note: there has got to be a better, more concise way to explain that ult)

Passive: "Terror" Every time she uses an ability or an allied champion dies nearby, Hinako gets a charge, adding 50% of her AP to her next basic attack. Hinako can store up to 3 charges, and they will all be consumed at once(max of 150% of her AP for one attack).

One thing I think would be really cool is if her ult had a special effect on enemy summoners; basically, when their champion was affected by the fear, it would cover their screen with a scary image for the duration of the fear, like the scary maze game(http://www.winterrowd.com/maze/). The HUD should still be visible, but the map itself should be covered, at least for a split second.

As for voice, well, creepy little girl, giggles, that sort of thing. I think she should be crying during the channel of her ult, and then a scream when she arrives would fit too.

Maybe this isn't very well designed, but I think it would be entertaining.