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(Champion Concept)Egil, The Blade's Shadow

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Egil, The Blade's Shadow
Health: Low
Attack: High
Spells: Moderate
Main focus on this champion concept is him to be an assassin.
Spells: Cost mana
(Innate) Sharpened Blade: As Egil stays alive, he gains attack damage(there is a max because it would be OP if he gained AD forever while alive. btw, this bonus is gone when dead.
(Q) Shadow: Egil becomes stealthed for an amount of time or until attacking.
(W) Shred: Egil strikes an enemy with wreckless strikes dealing bonus damage.
(E) X-Strike: After an amount of attacks, Egil will slice the next enemy he attacks in a X formation dealing bonus damage.
(R) Shadow Blade: Egil calls for the power of the shadow making him stealthed even while attacking for a small amount of time. This makes him unattackable for this amount of time(he can still get hit by skillshots but can not be hit by other kinds of attacks).