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[CHAMPION SUGGESTION] Lunarium - Sculptor of the Moon

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Thought that the LoL could use a new champion that uses art! For any suggestions/opinions please leave your comments! and upvote if you like the concept! ^_^

support/anti mage type of char with passion for fas...art! and uses a different type of energy system (in abilities section)

Name: Lunarium
Title: Sculptor of the Moon

Appearance Concept:


At first glance, the creature looks extremely savage, with fangs protruding through its lips, and claws that appear to tear the air as it flows harmlessly by. It has a lean and agile body equipped with a slender, but powerful arms and legs that stands testimony to its predatory nature. However, its eyes are clear as stars in the night sky, sparkling with intelligence and wisdom. It is no ordinary predator, hungering for the flesh and thriving on the hunt, but an intelligent individual that holds itself with pride, dignity, and respect. The creature’s eyes appear to not look at its surroundings, yet appears to perceive even the most miniscule of movements around him.

Race: Unknown
Nationality: None
Occupation: Sculptor, forsaken hunter
Affiliation: None, a free wanderer


Lunarium was born in a twilight world, where there is no sun, bright lights, or hope, only the dusk covered the world, hiding countless dangers within its shadows. Since birth, Lunarium was a powerful hunter that was gifted with the skill to sculpt the cold light of the twilight world into anything. Using this talent, it created mystical structures that were ethereal in the faint light, a beacon of intelligence that existed in the wilderness. However, the creature wasn’t gentle, as it was an efficient hunter that killed its prey without remorse. The creatures in the world referred to Lunarium as ‘death’, but none knew that it was this ‘death’ that created these wonders in the dark world.

Lunarium was one day sculpting its monument when the sudden burst of energy surrounded it. It was definitely different than the spirit energy it was accustomed to using, but it felt no threat from this energy, so it allowed this new energy to envelope it, curious to see what would happen. When the burst of energy disappeared, it found itself in a new world, where the light was brighter and the new energy he felt in the short burst was bountiful. Lunarium was summoned on random by a summoner from the Institute of War that was tracking a unique type of energy in a different dimension. Also intrigued by the new energy this world had to offer, it felt the need to understand and utilize the new energy to create new sculptures. However, it first had to learn about this world and its own dangers. Therefore, Lunarium agreed to join the Institute of War and fight in the League of Legends to face what the best this world had to offer, and more importantly, to prepare itself for its future hunt.

Base Stats:
Health: 456 (+78) [1860HP]
Total Spirit: 270 (+0) [270SP]
Attack Damage: 51.00 (+3.10) [106.8AD]
Attack Speed: 0.635 (+0.015) [0.905ASPD]
Range: 185 [185RNG]
Armour: 11.50 (+3.35) [71.8AR]
Magic Resist: 32.00 (+1.00) [50MR]
Health Regeneration: 6.75 (+0.65) [18.45HP/5 seconds]
Movement Speed: 325 [325MS]

An aggressive support champion that focus on map control and anti-magic. Unique in skill set that it relies on attack damage rather than ability power like most supports. Use a spirit system that is slightly different from energy or fury.

Passive – Twilight Harmony (Passive)
Only regenerates spirit when it stays in the shadow.
(Regenerates its spirit only when it is not visible to the enemy – regeneration rate is high)

Lunarium’s spirit regenerates 10/15/20/30 per second (at level 1/6/12/18) when it stays out of enemy’s vision.

Q – Survival Instinct (Active)
Increase its movement speed and allows it to pass through allies and enemies for a short period. Any enemy champion it passes through is silenced, and any ally champion it passes through receives a movement buff equal to 50% of that of Lunarium’s. Recovers some spirit depending on how many champions it passes through.

Lunarium’s movement speed increase by 20/25/30/35/40% and silence enemy for 0.5/0.8/1.2/1.5/1.8 seconds. Deals 60/70/100/150/200 damage to enemies. Recovers 10/15/20/25/30 spirit for each champion it goes through. Last 4 seconds.

Radius – 185
Cool down – 14/13/12/11/10 seconds
Spirit – 60

W – Lunar Sculpture (Active)
Sculpt the moonlight into an ethereal ward that is visible to the enemy only when it’s in their fog-of-war. Each statue decrease Lunarium’s cool down.
(Create a ward that is only visible when it’s not in the enemy’s field of view. It can’t be targeted while inside the fog-of-war; requires usage of oracles/pink ward to destroy it, but enemy will know where it is placed)

Lunarium can create 1/1/2/2/3 statue(s) that stay permanently on map until destroyed. Each statue grants Lunarium 1/2/2/3/3% cool down.

Range – 200 (sculpture’s vision same as normal sight ward)
Cool down – 17/16.5/16/15.5/15 seconds
Spirit - 100

E – Sculpture Mastery (Passive/Active)
Passive – lunar sculpture gains an ‘ethereal’ aura.
(Reduce a single magic damage by X% every X seconds)
Active – all active lunar sculptures are destroyed, and grants spell shield for champions around Lunarium.
(Number of spell shields granted depends on how many lunar sculptures were on the field)

Ethereal aura reduces single magic damage done to a champion by 5/10/15/20/25%. Effect refreshes every 30 seconds. (Each ally champion receives the aura)

Range – 300/400/500/600/700 on each ward, aura doesn’t stack

Upon activation, all active lunar sculptures are destroyed, granting spell shield to the nearest 1/2/3 ally champions depending on number of lunar sculptures on field. (Doesn’t shield itself)

Range – 700
Cool down – 20/19/18/17/16 seconds
Spirit – 90/85/80/75/70

R – Lunar Veil (Active)
Carve the moonlight around itself and its allies. Grant invisibility for all allies (including self) inside the radius until either attacking or duration runs out. Grants sight (similar to clairvoyance) inside the radius.
(Grant invisibility for all allies inside the radius for a short period)

Lunarium grants all nearby allied champions (and itself) with invisibility buff that lasts 3/6/9 seconds. All terrain inside the lunar veil’s radius is revealed. (Imagine a moving clairvoyance around the caster)

Range – 500/550/600
Cool down – 120/100/90 seconds
Spirit - 80

10/25/2011 - first upload woot!

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saving a spot, juust in case.