Does this constitute a reportable offense?

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Originally Posted by serioussmurf View Post
you don't know if the yi knew what he was doing, you don't know how his teammates reacted, you don't know if he knew what he was doing was disruptive. Only when someone shows their intent to disrupt in text is it an offence imo. For all you know he was just playing the game how he wanted to play it, disregarding teammates, you really want to see this as an offence? Where would this nazism stop? Ban feeders, after the 6th death they knew they were disruptive. Ban junglers if they don't perform, because they were in the jungle "the whole time". Ban leavers, no matter if it's a disconnect, or something unexpected came up. The intent of the master yi probably wasn't malicious, if someone tries to troll your team they're very vocal about it, otherwise there's no fun in it for them but hey who knows really?

Tl;dr banning someone who does not intend to be disruptive is retarted.
this. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 10000000000%