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Veralis, The Medic

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a photogenic dog

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Veralis, is an Ap Support Mage.

Hp:430 (70+)
Mp:300 (30+)
Attack speed: 0.625
Movement speed: 310
Armor: 30 (2+)
Magic Resist: 20 (4+)
Range: 500

Veralis's Passive : First aid : Grants additional hp regen for nearby allies (5/10/20). When 4 spells are used her spells gain additional healing (25/50/75).

Veralis's Q : Ladies touch: Allows veralis to heal a teamate with a skillshot. (50/75/150/200/250). (0.3) AP CD:10 MP: (70/90/110/130/150) If intercepted damages Enemy for heal amount

Veralis's W: Relentless Rage: Gives Veralis a buff which increases attack power for every 20 ap she has, and gives her a glow which gives half the buff to nearby allies, Lasts 20 seconds (CD 30) MP: (100/110/120/130/140)

Veralis's E: 5 Star Treatment Passive: Every 15 seconds Veralis heals an allie (15/30/45/60/75). (0.5) AP
Activate: Heals all nearby allies. (30/60/90/120/150) (0.6) AP CD: 13 MP: (50/70/90/110/130)

Veralis's Ultimate : Force of Love Passive: Gathers (10/15/20)% of the amount Veralis has healed an allie and sends it towards an AoE (max 300/500/700) Activate: Veralis summons monsterous strength and releases it everywhere stunning enemies near her for 2 seconds and slowing enemies near the outside of it by 30% (200/400/600) + The amount of heal gathered. (0.4) Ap CD: (140/100/80) MP: (200/250/300)

Veralis's Story.
Veralis is with us on the field, helping her teamates that are in need, she used to do that for her army in a small village.
Many soldiers came to her whenever they were injured from battles.
Veralis had been the villages doctor and was known all over the village and some outsiding territories.
Veralis's village was in war with Demacia, She always hoped there would be peace, atlast her village was destroyed from an army led by one man, that man is Jarvan IV.
Veralis survived the invasion due to a trip to the allied village and had returned to her house, that was burnt to the ground with Veralis's mother.
After hearing Jarvan IV had led the invasion and had joined the league, she to had decided to join the league in hope of fighting Jarvan on the battle field.

Tips on to play Veralis: Focus more of the heals on your teamates when you're level 6,
and to stay behind your teamates for protection because she isn't that tanky.

Tips on playing against Veralis: Don't let her get near her allies, focus on her teamates when she isn't near them and if she starts walking towards a wounded allie jump at her and finish her off quickly.

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Shadow Blade Jen

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this is a good idea

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lol i would buy her . and we really need a new support champion