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male version of Riven/ BLEACH character

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so i was just thinking it will be awesome if they make a similar version of riven but like a bleach character.

i love rivens abilities...
its really similar to alot of the bleach characters.
broken wings: is like basic attacks
ki burst: is like reiatsu
valor: is like when the characters teleports or .
ulti: wind slash is like that of Kurosaki Ichigos Bankai mode when he does Getsuga Tenshou

i duno...
im just thinking around 40% of the players may know bleach and watched the manga or anime. and im sure alot of us would love to play a character like that..
im not much into the whole abilities thing.. im more into the looks. even tho a character is strong like jax i dont think i will play a weird looking character. well thats just me.

riots could get alot of cash.. what do you guys think?i would totally get my mums credit card!

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lol totally agree windslash is like getsuga tenshou and Blade of the exile is riven's bankai

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A. copyright B. boring and unoriginal C. thyed be remaking a char