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Some help with TF?

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Junior Member


hey guys I just need a little help with a Hybrid build with TF
BTW my english is really bad! so i am sorry in advance

i want to maximise his auto attack damage (waiting for E to proc) aswel as increasing the magic damage of E and W

i have red plenty of guids for tf but none realy seam to answer my problem

So here the build i have been thinking about

Attack Speed boots
Rage blade (for increasing AP/AD/AS)
Hectech GB (Dm, AP) should have nerfed akali not item!
Nash Tooth? AS, AP, CDR
Trinity Force? nice stats but really worth 4k?

i am aware thats only 5 items

few others i have thought of

blood razer?
Black cleaver?

i just want peoples opinions i expect plenty of criticism but try be constructive dont post if its not constructive!