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Im very confused please someone help.

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Ok so what I am wondering is, is the game free and you just have to build up points and can buy them etc? or can you buy the game at the store and get most of the champions from buying the actuall game?

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The game is completely free, if you dont want to you dont have to spend a single penny.

To unlock runes and champions you just have to play games and build up influence points (IP) which is used as an in game sort of currency.

There is a second type of currency called riot points (RP). This is bought with real life money and can be used to buy experience or IP boosts (so you gain them faster), unlock individual champions, champion packs (large groups of them) or skins which change how your champion looks in game.

Simply put spending money allows you to get things faster and champion skins, however isn't required at all to be competitive in game.

If you visit the in game store you will be able to look at everything, the cost for both RP and IP and so forth.

Lastly every week there is a cycle of 10 champions that you temporarily own for that week and can play without having to spend RP or IP on them, however this only lasts for that one week.

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It's worth noting that the only thing RP can't do for you is buy runes. If you're planning to spend money on the game, it might be wise to save your IP for runes.

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Riot's policy is to 'not sell power'. That is, they don't let people pay real money for any in-game advantage. The only difference between someone who's paid real money and someone who hasn't is

  • They might have access to more champions quicker.
  • They might have skins for champions (which only changes appearance and possibly voice over, not stats/abilities)
  • They might gain more Experience and/or Influence points per game.
If you buy the game from a retail store (EB, Gamestop, etc) then you start with a significant number of champions available to you. If you don't buy it from the store, you'll just have to work with the weekly free rotation and pickup new champions with IP as you go.