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Acumen: The Face of Judgement

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Review Time!!!

Passive- This seems fine.

Q- Basic attack. Nothing special about it, which bores me, but it is not bad.

W- Simple. Review is similar to Q's

E- Dashes to the cursor? What if the cursor is all the way at you spawning pool? does he dash there? Damage may be a little high considering it hits multiple people and stuns hem so reduce it just a tiny amount.

R- Op. the daage additions is incredibly high and makes the game not fun for the WW that leaps out at you and gets fed. People can get 2000 minion kills in a game. 1000 damage is really high. Most people get about 9-12 champion kills. 180-240 extra damage? It makes the game less fun.

Overall, it is a basic, not bad champion. Nothing that special. Nothing that make people eiither go "Yay!" or "I HATE THAT CHAMPION!!!" or "That. Was. awsome" or anything else. I enjoy seeing unique, exciting champions with a function that seperates it from all other champions.