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Are you getting tired of a game ending early?

yes 89 66.92%
no 44 33.08%
Voters 133 .

Is anyone else tired of people surrendering early in the game?

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Baby Daisy



Oh man.. i had a game where i was playing cho and since i refused to quit. They stop playing. They said they weren't going to try. I was 3v1ing and kicking their butts and my team was just laughing at the base saying..."Oh you guys fail, cant beat Cho" and I'm here thinking.. Why dont you guys get your butts over here and finish them off so we can finish them off." >.> But they just stood their knowing we had the upper hand..Im really getting tired of many people surrendering.

I've had games were people leave in the middle of the match because of work or something. SR is meant to be long.. if they were planning to leave from the beginning they shouldn't have played it to begin with. I seriously think they should extend the surrender time. You don't see many surrender in dominion. (which i think it's pointless to be able to surrender in dominion in my opinion) But whatever the case.. Many people aren'y trying anymore and just rage quit when one bad team fight happens.

I think Riot should make a bot play for AFK's. If they don't come back in the next 5 min. That way the teams are still even.

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Junior Member


i never start surender and never vote yes i have all the time in the world and btw win or not i always learn a thing or to that help me the next tme

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Senior Member


In most games I'd say people surrender at the right time, but I've seen some pretty ***** surrenders too.

Worse one was a team that surrendered at 20 with a score of 15-20. As if you couldn't come back from a mere 5 kill deficit....