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Skarner Jungling Guide

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Start with cloth armor and 5 hp potions

Masteries are 1 / 9 / 20
Get smite mastery on offense, Dodge/movement speed on defense, and getting MOVEMENTSPEED, buff mastery and cdr on utility.

Atk speed reds - faster jungle, reset cooldowns
Armor Yellows - Herp Derp Jungle Derp
MR / Lv - More Tanky, you are Tanky dps
Movement speed quints - trollololo pulls

Build :
Cloth Armor 5 pots
Regrowth or Long sword
Philo + boots or Madreds + boots ( I recommend Philo if you have a caster at mid that could utilize blue better then you)
Swiftness boots 100%
Triforce / Wriggles / Sunfire
FoN is better then Banshees, get movement speed, troll harder with ult.
Guinsoo's or Hectechs to increase your damage output.
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A fine guide, but I disagree with the way that you build him. I don't feel as if a Phil stone should be in the build, as you don't run out of mana that quickly with the new buffs. Triforce and a wriggles is a must but I also disagree with the sunfire cape because it deals magic damage and after magic resistance - it actually doesn't do that much. Great job on the video <3


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i disagree with philo stone feeling your jungle would be better if u rushed your madreds claws.

@bounce- sunfire cape procs his fracture without him having to use crystal slash or auto attacking, it also does a good amount of damage in a team fight when coupled with crystal slash plus the survivability.

overall good guide tho!