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A character from your favorite tv show

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Captain Picard

Q: Facepalm

Activates to express his frustration about the current thread he is in

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Hmmm I have a strange feeling a doctor who will be popping up sometime soon....

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The Doctor:

Passive: Regenerate. The Doctor regenerates into a new body upon death. Cancels and causes the doctor to die if takes more than 10% of his health in damage.

Q: Sonic Screwdriver
Stuns down any robots nearby. Works on towers.

W: Time Travel
Travels back in time to one shot the opponents at level 1 in their spawn

E: Threaten
Tells nearby champions to surrender or he will kill them. 50% chance of instant surrender by the opponents, 50% chance of the doctor getting mad and killing everything. Either way, it's an inst-win ability.

R: Find Companion:
Finds someone to help him. Can have 2 at once. Their primary ability is running and screaming.

Merlin from Merlin:

Passive: Hide Magic. Appears to be really bad with 0 AP, but actually has 500+

Q: Pushback
Casts a spell that damages and pushes back target champion

W: Call Dragon
Calls a dragon to burn the targeted area

E: Transform
Turns into an old wizard and insults all nearby allied champions. 10% chance of killing any Jarvan IVs nearby.

R: Blundering Clotpole
Prince Arthur randomly walks onto the battlefield, forcing enemys to attack him. Takes all the credit after Merlin aces them with his dragon.

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Rikter Iliaren

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Nothing the Nothing

Dang they would be OP how do you kill nothing?

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Spongebob Squarepants

Passive- Every fourth attack a Jelly Fish comes to the aid of it's master and attacks Spongebob's s target for x amount of damage. Lasts 10 seconds. After the the 10 seconds are up the jelly fish explodes providing jelly for near allys healing them for x.

Q- Laugh
Laughs at the enemy target, making them go insane from the noise. Forcing them to run away.

W- Ohhh, Mighty Conch Shell...
Spongebob pulls the cord on the Mighty Conch Shell and does what ever i says.

E- Blows Bubbles
Spongebob blows some bubbles at enemy target encasing them, sunning and making them imobile.

Spongebob uses his IMAGINATION, letting him be and do anything. Anything...

****... I actually really want to play him now.

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Thine Dude

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Mine is

INVADER ZIM, the Irken invader

passive: Advanced tech: items grant 10% more stats
Q Plunger of DOOM!: plunges the target stunning them for 5 seconds and dealing 15-85 damage a second for 5 seconds.
W call in GIR: calls gir ether shoot a target with ally with a laser dealing 120-540 damage to an opponent or heal a target ally with a taco for the same amount
E PAK: Toggle: while on gives zim a ranged attack but drains 10 mana per attack. While off every fourth attack deals 25-175 extra true damage and stuns the target for 0.5 seconds.
R Arm control nerve!: sends a small micro-ship into the target and attaches to its arm control nerve, allowing zim to control the target's movement for 8-12 seconds

taunt: "pitiful HUMAN!"
Joke: "I AM ZIIIIIM!!!!!!"

classic- the classic zim
disguised- Zim in his human disguise