I try my best to climb in Silver

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I try my best but it doesn't look like it's working. I'm not blaming my losses completely on my team mates, and I want to improve, but I think it's really hard to carry as support when first pick locks in Kassadin, goes against Talon, loses horribly, and does no damage. I also wasn't able to help the Kassadin because my lane wasn't really winning.
I actually main jungle but I think I'm ok at support, not great though.

My question is: What can I do to improve and climb out of silver? You can lolking me and try to give constructive feedback if you have climbed past silver before.

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I see by na.op.gg website you actually do indeed main jungle. As far as what I see so far from the site you don't really "Branch" out much in playing champions. I hate to say but currently Tank supports are pretty much the Meta (as much that hurts to say) because of the defensive tree.

As far as playing support your job in lane is to setup kills, protect them and sacrifice yourself to save them if necessary.

I main Leona and Thresh mostly on support and that is my strongest role.

Outside lane phase you should try to stick close to your ADC because your ADC relies on you more than the others for peel and protection.

Try opening up for more rune pages as well, the variety in rune pages will provide you an abundance of differences in your starting early sets.

Like yeah I have about 19 rune pages but I have one for various situations, some specific to certain champ groups and some for specific certain champs.

Take a look at my Mastery Tree's and Rune pages and see what you think in there. I still like going into lane on support with GP10 quints.




also as far as in lane being support don't be afraid to be a little aggressive at times to try and harass as it's your job to do that to the adc so you can let yours farm too. If your adc is good they will follow up on your queues.

But also expanding your pool of champions helps you out quite a bit.