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Tea part vs Occupy wall street!

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Its not wall streets fault that unemployment is 9.1, its not wall streets fault businesses are not hiring. Blame the.white house and all the regulations they put on businesses

Oh it's a result of regulations? Then why has Canada, where our banks in particular (though on businesses in general as well) have much stricter regulations, been affected to a substantially smaller degree on every account?

In any event, the OWS movement has already succeeded in changing the dialogue away from nonsense like balancing budgets (which was a fabricated non-issue) and towards matters that are actually important at this point in time (like unemployment). You don't need to know exactly what needs to be done to fix an issue in order to take to the streets and protest.

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LOL. I'm a tea party member and I know more about politics in my middle right toe than you know in your head full of mush.

ows>tea party, though i do think that the general frustration with how things are run in this country is the same for both parties. except that the tea party wants to keep low taxes for the rich while the middle class carries a much larger burden and OWS wants to have a more robust social system for the elderly, the sick and the unemployed.

btw this notion that OWS are a jobless bunch is complete bullcrap well over 80% of them work respectable jobs and join the movement when ever they have time.

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Hmmm... Socialists or Bible-thumpers? Tough choice.

Ron Paul > TP or OWS
Jedi > everything
Ron Paul = Jedi
TP and OWS is part of everything
Ron Paul > TP and OWS