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HaVoc Gaming Casual Team.

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Hey guys,Havoc is a gaming clan that plays a whole bunch of games including alteriw (mw2 mod, currently top of the ladder), cod4, LoL, SC2, Minecraft and many others.

We are a bunch of mature people, who like to chill on teamspeak and play games or even just browse Youtube.

In regards to LoL I am trying to set up our first team and welcoming all players, no matter what level to come play with us. In the future I will be organised a rated team so whether you just like playing the game casually or want to get more serious, I'll try and compensate for you.

The only requirements are you MUST be over 15 (no exceptions) and having a working mic.

We are based in Australia, with a large portion of the clan in West Australia.

Give me a PM in game or here if your keen and ill set you up